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Our innovative range of lithium-ion storage solutions has been specifically designed to meet a growing demand from our customers for specialist battery storage on which they can depend to reduce fire risk and keep their people and their premises safe.

Parallax 500 X 600 lithium ion LEFT (1) parallax-certified


Emtez Lithium-Ion Features

  • To be stored safely, lithium-ion batteries require purpose-built solutions. Ours are engineered using our deep lithium-ion expertise to provide the high levels of safety and protection required.

  • We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf lithium-ion battery storage solutions as well as custom-built units developed to suit your industry and application.

  • With the ability to add everything from suppression systems and hazardous gas extraction to drive-in ramps, every product can be tailored to your operational needs.

Lithium-ion batteries are reshaping industries as we know them, but they don’t come without risk. Protect your workplace to safely unlock the full potential of lithium-ion technology today.

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