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Emtez Pop-up Dams: the swift, stable and superior water management solution.

Emtez Pop-Up Flood Barriers – an innovative solution for water containment and flood protection. Our cutting-edge pop-up dams are available in three specialised types: 'Tidal,' 'Waves,' and 'Wind & Waves,' each carefully designed to address distinct water conditions and challenges. This rapid-deployment solution is operational within minutes, requiring no reliance on power sources or pre-inflations.


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Pop-up Dams: quick and efficient flood protection

Emtez Pop-Up temporary flood barriers harness the natural force of water to redirect flows seamlessly. Tailored for floodwater diversion, pollution control, or river management, our barriers offer a versatile solution. Simply roll out the flood barrier, and upon contact with rising floodwaters, the barrier will automatically rise via the top leading edge. The water's weight anchors the barrier securely to the ground, creating an effective seal with the terrain.

The ideal solution for: Emergency scenarios, where running water (e.g. burst water pipes) needs to be diverted quickly.

Pop Up Dam

In emergency situations, such as diverting running water from burst pipes, mitigating flash floods, or responding to sudden storm surges, our Pop-Up dams distinguish themselves as the fastest, strongest, and most stable temporary tarpaulin dams on the market. Departing from conventional triangular tarpaulin dams, our enhanced design places a premium on resilience against extreme weather conditions. Notably, our solution outperforms other temporary dam options in stability, eliminating the need for sandbags to effectively withstand waves.

Pop-up Dam Options



Designed for still water and small waves. Similar to other triangular dams but with improved stability feature.

Key Features: 

  • Stablest dam option
  • 1kg/m ballast weight on leading edge
  • Barriers can be connected via Velcro

Different Heights and Lengths Available

Available in three heights—0.5 meters, 0.7 meters, and 1.0 meter—and various lengths, these temporary water dams seamlessly interconnect through a swift and secure velcro fastening system. This adaptability ensures that flood barriers of any size can be effortlessly deployed to meet specific needs.

Extra big floats can be ordered for all models. Mounted on the top edge, reducing the risk of overflow. When the water level reaches 80% of the retention height, the float will raise the top of the barrier and give it a freeboard.

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Key Features of Emtez Pop-Up Flood Barriers


  • Swift Deployment: Quick and easy deployment with a simple roll-out and self-deployment feature.

  • Space-Efficient Storage: Minimal storage requirements, making them practical for businesses and households.

  • Water Weight Stability: Utilises the weight of the water to maintain a secure and stable position.

  • Durable Construction: Manufactured from durable polyethylene fabric for long-lasting performance.

  • Emergency Water Management: Enables rapid water diversion for drainage and burst water pipe situations, providing a versatile solution for emergencies and effective containment of chemical spills.

  • Modular Design: Easy joining of flood barrier sections for customisable length.

  • Versatile Turns: Corner sections available for 90-degree turns, adding to their versatility.

  • Rapid Floodwater Diversion: Ideal for swift floodwater diversion for businesses and households.

  • Stream Damming for Pollution Control: Effective for damming streams for pollution control or river works.

  • Drive-Over Adaptability: Can be driven over when deployed, enhancing adaptability.

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