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Emtez Onsite Assessments

Keeping Organisations Compliant.

Emtez understands that each site has its own unique challenges. Whether you need to ensure compliance for legal reasons, prepare for an audit, or simply maintain high standards, our team of experienced professionals is on hand to assist.

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Spill Professionals with Experience

Our site assessments involve a local and well-informed member of our team visiting your site to evaluate your processes, assess current storage facilities, and provide expert advice. You will then receive an easy-to-understand report with recommendations, allowing you to make informed decisions for your business.

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When we evaluate your processes, we assess how you currently handle tasks such as waste disposal, your production processes, and your plan for dealing with environmental accidents like leaks or spills.

The way you store materials is crucial not just for compliance but also for workplace safety and the well-being of your workforce. With over 35 years of experience in manufacturing storage for flammable and hazardous substances, Emtez is a market leader capable of providing a range of recommendations from small drip trays to fire-rated walk-in stores.

Moreover, our industry experience and advice are at your disposal. We're committed to collaborating with you to create a safer and cleaner local environment. If you seek unparalleled knowledge and expertise, contact us today.

Areas Assessed

  • Vehicle movements on and off site
  • Storage of empty containers
  • Maintenance systems
  • Discharge drains
  • Movement of container on site
  • Waste storage & disposal
  • Local environment
  • Storage of full and in use containers
  • Production processes
  • Surface water drains

Site Assessment Benefits

  • Protect employees working with hazardous materials
  • Recommend products to be compliant
  • Recommendations to comply with OSHA and ANSI/USEA
  • Evaluation of your facility's hazardous area
  • Help existing equipment remain in good working condition
  • Documentation of what is required for compliance

Onsite Survey FAQs


Average cost for a typical business paying for clean-up charges and production losses.


The minimum total % a secondary containment bund should hold of your largest stored container.


Years emtez has been manufacturing products to keep people, and local environments, safe.

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