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Water-filled Dams: redirecting flood water quickly and efficiently

Introducing our advanced water inflatable flood barriers, designed for swift deployment and compatibility with any water source. Harnessing hydrostatic water pressure, these barriers seamlessly create a secure seal with the surrounding terrain.

Equipped with an internal stabilising panel, these innovative 'sausage type' flood barriers ensure both stability and safety. 

The ideal solution for: temporary cofferdam applications during construction, (e.g. worksite dewatering projects).

water-filled dam

Why choose a Water-filled Dam for flood protection?

Emtez Water-filled Dams provide a reliable and sustainable solution for water containment. Crafted from durable industrial-grade materials, these reusable dams are precision-manufactured for lasting durability. The high-tenacity polyester base fabric, coated with flexible PVC, ensures resilience against chemicals, UV rays, and mold and mildew growth.

In case of accidents, the industrial-coated fabrics are easily mendable, extending the product lifespan and safeguarding your flood investment. Safety is prioritised with integral stabilising structural components that prevent rolling.

Designed for versatile use, Emtez water-filled dams offer flexible layout options and corner elements, adapting to various environments. When not in use, their compact design allows for convenient storage, ensuring efficient transit and space utilisation.

water filled dam

Water-filled Dam Options

water filled 1

Dam Type: Double

The Double Dam features a single internal stabiliser panel designed to enhance its structural stability. This engineering solution is crucial in preventing the dam from rolling, ensuring that it remains firmly in place even under challenging conditions. The singular stabiliser panel is strategically placed to provide effective support and prevent any potential instability.

Length: 50’ (15.24m)

Max Dam Height: 4’ (1.2m)

Max Flood Height: 3’ (0.9m)

Available in: 3 x  different widths

Key Features of Emtez Water-filled Flood Barriers


  • Reusable Solution: Emtez Water-Filled Dams are designed for multiple deployments, offering a reusable and sustainable solution for various applications.

  • Industrial-Grade Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality, industrial-grade materials, these dams ensure durability and reliability in diverse environments.

  • Repairable Construction: Built to withstand unforeseen incidents, these dams can be easily repaired if required.

  • Stable and Secure: The stabilising structural components of the dams prevent rolling, ensuring the safety of surrounding areas during deployment.

  • Chemical-Resistant Coating: Coated with flexible PVC resistant to adverse chemical impact, the dams are chemically resistant, protecting against UV exposure, mold, and mildew.

  • Compact Storage and Transit: Easily collapsible for storage when not in use, the dams are compact for storage and transit, providing convenience in transportation to different locations.

  • Flexible Layout Options: Adaptable to various terrains and configurations, the dams offer flexible layout options to accommodate different project requirements.

  • Enhanced Structural Integrity: With corner elements available, these dams provide flexibility in design and deployment, enhancing the overall structural integrity of the dam.

  • Effective Chemical Spill Containment: Specifically designed to effectively contain and mitigate chemical spills, the dams minimise environmental impact and enhance safety measures.

water filled dam blue

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