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Absorbent Booms

Emtez Absorbent Booms (also known as Absorbent barriers or oil containment booms) feature a PVC skirt and have proven to be indispensable tools in the early stages of spill response.  These specially engineered barriers are designed to excel in both containment and absorption  (even when saturated).

The impermeable PVC skirt serves as a barrier, restricting the escape of hydrocarbons. Noteworthy for their lightweight construction, swift connectivity, and easy handling, these booms ensure a rapid and efficient response capability.

Suitable for: addressing hazardous spills, especially in early stages of minor incidents in rivers, lakes, ponds etc. proactively preventing environmental hazards.


absorb (1)

Components of an Absorbent Boom

The reusable PVC-coated polyester fabric skirts are treated with fungicides to resist hydrocarbons, UV rays, detergents, and other environmental agents and offer exceptional resistance to tearing and puncture. 

absorb CAD (1)

1 - Velcro strip

2 - Norwegian connection


3 - Ballast chain

4 - WB type absorbent barrier

5 - PVC coated polyester fabric


13cmØ x 5m

Height: 450mm

Draft: 320mm

Freeboard: 130mm


13cmØ x 10m

Height: 450mm

Draft: 320mm

Freeboard: 130mm


20cmØ x 5m

Height: 500mm

Draft: 300mm

Freeboard: 200mm


20cmØ x 10m

Height: 500mm

Draft: 300mm

Freeboard: 200mm


Characteristics of Emtez Absorbent Booms


  • Dual Functionality: Engineered to serve both as containment and absorption barriers, making them versatile in addressing various spill scenarios.

  • High Absorption Capabilities: These barriers exhibit high absorption capabilities, even when saturated, ensuring efficient containment and mitigation of spills.

  • Impermeable PVC Skirt: Equipped with an impermeable PVC skirt that effectively restricts the escape of hydrocarbons, enhancing containment effectiveness.

  • Lightweight Construction: Characterised by a lightweight design, facilitating easy handling and rapid deployment during spill response situations.

  • Rapid Connectivity: Designed for quick and easy connection between sections using Norwegian-type connections. This feature allows overlapping of sections, providing flexibility in length without creating tensions.

  • Reusable Skirt: The skirt, made of PVC-coated polyester fabric with fungicidal treatment, is resistant to hydrocarbons, UV rays, detergents, and other environmental agents. Its reusable nature contributes to cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

  • Ballast Chain: The lower part of the skirt incorporates a Ø5 mm ballast chain in accordance with DIN 5685-3:2003-07, enhancing stability and preventing floating.

  • Replaceable Absorbent Barrier: The upper part of the absorbent barrier is replaceable, available in various dimensions, and securely fixed with Velcro for easy replacement.

  • Interior Composition: The interior of the barrier is made of polypropylene microfibers with high absorption capacity, providing efficient containment and absorption of spilled substances.

  • External Mesh: Externally, the barriers are confined by a resistant polyethylene mesh with a diamond pattern in natural color, offering UV protection. This mesh provides durability, resistance to tearing, and puncture.

  • Connection Mechanism: Ends of the replaceable barriers are joined together using rings and carabiners, ensuring a secure and stable connection between sections.

absorbent boom

Optional Extras

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