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Non-woven polypropylene absorbent drum top pads for efficient spill containment

Emtez absorbent drum top pads are specifically designed to effectively absorb spills that may occur during the process of pouring liquids into or out of drums. These pads act as a first line of defense by capturing and containing the spill at its source, preventing the further spread of leaks and potential environmental contamination.

Our drum pads are manufactured in-house and constructed from non-woven polypropylene. Non-woven polypropylene is known for its absorbent properties, making it an ideal material for managing liquids, including oils and other substances found in industrial settings.

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Emtez absorbent drum top pads: safeguarding workplaces from oil spills and leaks

When oil is being transferred to or from a drum, there is always a risk of spills and leaks. Emtez absorbent drum top pads provide a quick and efficient solution to this challenge. Placed directly on the drum's top, these pads immediately start absorbing the oil, preventing it from reaching the surrounding area and minimising the risk of slips or accidents.

The ability of these pads to absorb oil efficiently is crucial for maintaining a clean and safe workplace. By containing the spills at the source, they help prevent the oil from seeping into the floor or ground, avoiding potential environmental damage and facilitating a more straightforward cleanup process.

Available sizes

  • Designed for: 60-liter and 200-liter bung drums

  • Available in two sizes: Ø34cm and Ø56cm

Technical Features

  • Available in double thickness with an anti-lint reinforcement veil on the upper side - enhancing stability once liquids absorbed.

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