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Absorbent granules for effective spill response

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Absorbent Granules – the ultimate solution for managing non-aggressive spills on any surface!

Introducing a highly effective absorbent granules designed for managing a diverse range of hazardous substances. This versatile absorbent is engineered to efficiently soak up acids, alkalis, combustible, and flammable liquids, demonstrating its suitability for various industries. Its adaptability on both smooth and porous surfaces makes it a reliable choice for spill containment.

With fast-acting and chemically inert properties, this absorbent ensures a swift and safe response to spills, addressing the need for efficient hazard management. Approved for road use and meeting stringent standards, it guarantees reliability in emergency situations. Additionally, its non-flammable nature in an unused state enhances safety measures. Packaged in convenient bags, this absorbent material boasts an unlimited shelf life when stored in a dry place, making it a durable and reliable solution for any organisation's spill response needs.

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