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Absorbent Pads

Precision in spill management begins with our absorbent sheets, crafted through a specialised process. Utilising Melt-Blown technology, we transform polypropylene into fine fibers, resulting in sheets with exceptional absorption capabilities.

  • Crafted with precision using advanced Melt-Blown technology.

  • Available in diverse dimensions, ranging from 30x30cm to 120x80cm.

  • Tailor-made options offered, accommodating custom sizes with a maximum width of 160cm.


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Versatile absorbent pads: tailored thickness, maximum performance

We produce a versatile range of absorbent sheets, ranging from single to quintuple thickness, with corresponding weights spanning from 160 g/m2 to 950 g/m2. The thickness directly correlates with absorption capacity, ranging from 3 to 15 liters per m2 based on the specific product.

While our absorbent sheets offer a broad spectrum, single or double thickness options are most frequently utilised. Widely adopted across various industries, these absorbent sheets serve as the go-to choice for their reliability and effectiveness.



Pre-cut absorbent pads for spill control efficiency

Our absorbent pads are strategically pre-cut along the middle lengthwise, ensuring convenience in usage. The exception lies with sheets designated for depollution, intentionally kept uncut for practical reasons. This thoughtful pre-cut design empowers users to employ the exact amount of absorbent required, optimising efficiency and minimising waste.

Recommended uses for Emtez absorbent pads

Emtez absorbent pads are highly recommended for a wide range of industrial applications, making them indispensable across various settings. These versatile tools excel in managing spills, especially those involving oil, chemicals, or hazardous liquids.

Whether in manufacturing warehouses, automotive workshops, retail stores, or restaurants, absorbent pads play a crucial role in swiftly absorbing and containing leaks or drips, preventing potential hazards and maintaining a safe working environment.

In industrial settings, they prove to be invaluable during machinery maintenance by effectively absorbing fluids, helping to keep workspaces clean and safe. Additionally, Emtez absorbent pads are essential for storage and transportation of liquids, ensuring spills are quickly and efficiently managed, contributing to an overall more secure and productive operational environment.


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Choosing the right type of absorbent pad is crucial based on the specific liquids encountered, and proper disposal practices are essential to adhere to environmental regulations and safety standards.

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