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Eco-friendly absorbent pillows and socks

Emtez absorbent pillows and socks are filled exclusively from 100% polypropylene scraps derived from the leftover materials in the production of our premium pads and rolls.

After collection, these scraps undergo a crushing process, aimed at restoring the polypropylene to its fibrous state. This ensures a commitment to delivering exceptional and consistent absorption capabilities.

To further enhance recyclability, this filling is then inserted into covers made from 100% polypropylene Spunbond. These innovative covers not only contribute to sustainability but also provide robust support, even when saturated with liquids. 

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Absorption potential: a closer look at the capacity of absorbent pillows and socks

Absorbent socks and pillows, designed for long-term use in a variety of settings, such as under leaky machinery or during dispensing.

Their ideal shape, flexibility, and excellent absorption capacity make them universally suitable for production and workshop environments, providing essential containment for leaks and easy disposal of absorbed fluids.

Absorption capacity in pillows and socks is determined by their size and volume. Larger pillows contain more polypropylene, resulting in higher absorption. Similarly, longer absorbent socks exhibit increased absorption levels. The quantity of polypropylene directly influences absorption, which is determined by dimensions and volume.

For instance, an Ø8cm x 3m absorbent sock absorbs 13.25L, while a Ø8cm x 18m sock absorbs six times more, totaling 79.50L.

Versatile absorbent socks and pillows: a comprehensive solution for leak containment in industrial settings

Our absorbent socks and pillows are the perfect solution for long-term use in various settings, making them indispensable for collecting drips under leaky machinery or during dispensing activities.

Their carefully crafted design offers ideal shapes for effectively containing leaks, making them universally suitable for use in production and workshops. Their flexibility allows for easy shaping, enabling users to push them around corners, machine bases, and along walls with utmost convenience.

Essential for leak containment, these socks and pillows are particularly well-suited for absorbing liquids from faulty equipment or containers. The special polypropylene filling ensures an excellent absorption capacity, reliably soaking up all spilt liquids. Once fluids are absorbed, they are securely contained and can be easily disposed of, making these socks a reliable and efficient solution for managing potential spills in any industrial or production environment.

Absorbent pillows & socks: dimensions


Absorbent Socks

Discover flexibility with our absorbent socks, available in multiple lengths:

  • 1.2 meters
  • 3 meters
  • 18 meters

The diameter remains a consistent 8cm, ensuring reliability regardless of the sock's length.

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