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High-performance industrial absorbent polypropylene rolls

Discover Emtez's premium absorbent rolls,  crafted from pure polypropylene at our cutting-edge production site in France. Crafted with precision using non-woven fiber and leveraging innovative Melt-Blown technology, our absorbent rolls and mats are engineered to deliver unparalleled absorbency.

  • Diverse range of roll sizes: Choose from a versatile selection of absorbent rolls, ranging in width from 20-160cm, catering to a variety of industrial applications.

  • Customisation expertise: Utilising advanced automatic winders, we possess the capability to produce tailor-made absorbent rolls, offering maximum flexibility with widths customisable to your exact requirements, with a remarkable maximum width of 160cm.
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Versatile absorbent rolls with customisable thickness

Our range of absorbent rolls come in a variety of thickness options tailored to your specific needs. The thickness of the absorbent roll directly influences its absorption capacity, making it crucial to select the right thickness for your intended use.

We produce absorbent rolls in single, double, triple, quadruple, and quintuple thickness variations. This diverse range caters to different absorption requirements, with corresponding weights spanning from 160g/m² to 950g/m².

Enhanced efficiency with pre-cut absorbent rolls

At Emtez we prioritise efficiency and sustainability, which is why our industrial absorbent rolls undergo a pre-cutting process to optimise resource usage. Specifically, 40cm rolls are pre-cut lengthwise, while those exceeding 40cm in width are also pre-cut widthwise.

This strategic pre-cutting ensures that only the necessary quantity of absorbent is used, minimising waste and promoting cost-effective solutions.

Note: For depollution purposes, our absorbent rolls remain uncut to simplify practical usage.

Emtez absorbent rolls: swift, reliable, and versatile solutions for spill prevention and response

Designed for quick and easy response to leaks, particularly from dripping machines or faulty seals, this highly efficient absorbent offers optimal performance in various scenarios. Their versatility shines through as it serves as an ideal underlay during cleaning, repair, and maintenance activities. The polypropylene material boasts a strong adhesion between its fibers and absorbed liquids, ensuring a minimal risk of dripping even in saturated conditions. The tear-resistant nature of Emtez absorbent rolls remains intact even when fully saturated, providing reliable durability.


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