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Legislation and Guidance based on Industry.

Welcome to Emtez Advice Centre, your go-to hub for industry-specific guidance on spill containment and prevention. Our tailored range of products is designed to support various sectors, including food and beverage, construction, waste management, pharmaceuticals, and transport. Explore our expert advice to find the perfect solutions for your specific needs and ensure safety and efficiency in your industry.

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What legislation and guidance should you be following to keep your organisation compliant?

Our comprehensive range of products are designed to support various industries, including, but not limited to; food and beverage, construction, waste management, pharmaceutical and transport in managing liquids, gases, flammables and oils. Each sector has unique spill containment and spill prevention needs, and we have compiled detailed guidance to help you find the perfect solution for your specific requirements. Explore our expert advice and discover the best products to ensure safety and efficiency in your industry.

Construction Industry



The construction industry, like many others, significantly contributes to pollution, making it crucial for builders, SMEs, and large companies to take environmental responsibility. Annually, the Environment Agency responds to hundreds of pollution incidents originating from construction activities.

Food & Drink Industry


Food & Drink

The food and drink industry faces stringent regulations on contamination, worker safety, hygiene, and packaging. With slips and trips causing 35% of major injuries—around 1,300 incidents annually—spill prevention is crucial. Notably, 90% of slips result from wet floors due to water or production-related spillages. Effective risk management is essential.

Waste Management Industry


Waste Management

The waste industry, by its nature, has a high potential for pollution incidents during transport and processing. Pollution from waste spills can easily negate good working practices, making effective spill containment and response crucial. Ensuring best practices in spill management is essential for minimising environmental impact. 

Transport Industry



The transport industry faces significant risks of spills, ranging from fuel system failures to leaking or spilled loads during transit, depots, or on customer sites. Explore guidance on developing and managing an effective and comprehensive spill prevention plan - a necessity for industry professionals aiming to minimise environmental impact and enhance operational safety.

Pharmaceutical Industry



The pharmaceutical industry faces significant risks of spills, including chemical leaks and accidental releases during manufacturing, transportation, or storage. It is imperative that Pharmaceuticals follow industry-specific guidance on spill containment and response to prevent contamination and protect both the environment and public health. Tailored spill prevention strategies are crucial for addressing the unique challenges of this sector, providing comprehensive solutions for developing and maintaining an effective spill prevention plan. 

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