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Air Booms

Introducing Emtez air booms – engineered with precision using high-quality PVC-coated polyester fabric. This robust and lightweight material boasts exceptional resistance to abrasion, wear, atmospheric effects, hydrocarbons, chemicals, and detergents.

Designed for deployment in exposed coasts and open seas, our barriers feature cylindrical floats and a ballast chain, ensuring outstanding buoyancy and adaptability to wave-prone waters. Crafted in 25-meter sections, each segment comprises five independent 5-meter flotation chambers, shielded by durable outer fabric.

The external positioning of easily accessible filling valves enhances operational efficiency, while Emtez barriers seamlessly connect through a marine-resistant, ASTM-type extruded aluminium quick connection mechanism. Experience superior marine pollution containment with Emtez – where technical excellence meets environmental protection.


Components of an Air Boom


air boom CAD

1 - Internal floatation system

2 - ASTM type Z connection

3 - Connection between barriers

4 - Reinforced plate for anchoring

5 - Ballast and anchor support shackle

6 - Ballast support shackle

7 - PVC coated polyester fabric

8 - ballast chain

9 - Air valves (x5)

air boom

Characteristics of Emtez Air Booms


  • High-Quality Construction: Emtez inflatable booms are constructed from high-quality PVC coated polyester fabric, ensuring durability and longevity.

  • Strength and Lightweight Design: The material used is not only strong but also lightweight, making the booms easy to handle and deploy.

  • Abrasion and Wear Resistance: The PVC coated polyester fabric exhibits excellent resistance to abrasion and wear, enhancing the barrier's ability to withstand challenging environmental conditions.

  • Chemical and Environmental Resistance: Virtually unaffected by atmospheric effects, hydrocarbons, chemicals, or detergents, making it highly reliable in diverse marine environments.

  • Inflation System: The air chambers are inflated individually, chamber by chamber, using a specialised inflator, allowing for precise control and adjustment.

  • Specific Design for Marine Applications: Emtez Inflatable Marine Anti-Pollution Barriers feature cylindrical floats and a ballast chain, designed specifically for deployment in exposed coasts and open seas.

  • Buoyancy and Adaptability: These barriers exhibit exceptional buoyancy, ensuring adaptability to wave-prone waters and effective containment of hydrocarbon spills, even in adverse conditions.

  • Segmented Design: Crafted in 25-meter sections, each segment comprises five independent 5-meter flotation chambers. This modular design enhances flexibility in deployment and maintenance.

  • Durable Outer Fabric: The flotation chambers are shielded by a durable outer fabric, providing an additional layer of protection and reinforcement.

  • Easy Access Filling Valves: Filling valves, crucial for inflation, are easily accessible at all times, facilitating efficient deployment and maintenance.

  • Quick Connection Mechanism: Sections seamlessly connect using a marine-resistant, ASTM-type extruded aluminium quick connection mechanism, ensuring a secure and reliable link between segments.

  • Compact Storage: Emtez air booms deflate to a compact size, facilitating easy storage on vessels or at facilities, ensuring quick and convenient deployment when needed.

air booms

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