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Curtain Booms

Introducing Emtez Curtain Booms (also know as PVC fence booms or Spill containment barriers), which are designed for efficient water management in inland and sheltered environments. Boasting a high buoyancy-to-weight ratio, these barriers exhibit excellent responsiveness to wave action, making them particularly suited for deployment in harbours.

Constructed with internal cylindrical floats, these booms achieve superior buoyancy. The PVC-based skirt, complemented by a ballast chain, enhances stability and minimises sway, ensuring optimal performance in the presence of water oscillations.


Components of a Curtain Boom

Our curtain booms offer exceptional UV resistance and chemical resilience, specifically designed to withstand acids, alkalis, solvents, and hydrocarbons. Customisation options include different sizes and material types such as Polyurethane (PU) and Neoprene.

Engineered for deployment in sheltered or tranquil waters, these Curtain Booms provide technical efficiency for a variety of aquatic conditions. Explore the technical prowess of our barriers and elevate your water management strategies with precision and reliability.


1 - Internal floatation system

2 - ASTM type Z connection

3 - Connection between barriers

4 - Reinforced plate for anchoring

5 - Ballast and anchor support shackle

6 - Ballast support shackle

7 - PVC coated polyester fabric

8 - ballast chain

9 - Optional: handles (x6)

cylindrical pic

Characteristics of Emtez Curtain Booms


  • Quick and easy installation: Curtain booms can be swiftly installed without the need for buoyancy-activating equipment.

  • High buoyancy/weight ratio: Achieves efficient buoyancy without requiring additional equipment.

  • Effective welding system: Electro-frequency welding ensures robust joints between PVC sections for optimal durability.

  • Easy connection: Sections connect seamlessly using ASTM type Z connectors, Norwegian connection, or other options upon request.

  • Performance guarantee: Even in the event of a water leak, the barrier remains fully operational, ensuring continuous effectiveness.

  • Fabric composition: Polyester coated with PVC (900-1400 gsm), resistant to hydrocarbons and UV rays, in a highly visible orange color. Alternative options (TPU, neoprene) available upon request.

  • Reinforced joints and anchoring points: Metal elements strengthen the connections between traction elements, fabric, and anchoring points for enhanced durability.

Optional Extras

Curtain Boom Options

CB650 (2)

CB650 | 620mm Height

Freeboard: 220mm

Draft: 400mm

GSM PVC: 850

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CTAs 1000 x750  (7)

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