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Fence Booms

Fence booms (also referred to as flat marine barriers or PVC fence booms) are well-suited for placid waters characterised by small, non-breaking waves (<0.3 m) and currents below 1 knot.

Their design incorporates internal closed-cell foam floats, ensuring operational integrity even if water infiltrates the chambers. This configuration imparts lightweight characteristics, facilitating easy handling and immediate deployment without the need for additional buoyancy activation equipment. Installation is both rapid and straightforward.

Suitable for: These barriers are particularly recommended for deployment in sheltered areas such as ports, marinas, bays, and lakes.

fence boom

Components of a Fence Boom

The barriers boast excellent stowage efficiency, enabling the storage of a considerable number of units within minimal space. Notably, they exhibit high durability due to the use of materials with superior mechanical and abrasion resistance.

The performance guarantee is upheld even in the event of a water leak in one of the floating elements, maintaining the barrier's operational effectiveness. The ease of connection is facilitated through ASTM type Z connectors (or other connectors if required).

The barrier fabric consists of polyester coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rendering it resistant to hydrocarbons and UV rays. The distinctive orange color enhances visibility at sea, with alternative colour options also available.


fence barrier

1 - Handles (x4)

2 - Internal floatation system

3 - ASTM type Z connection

4 -Connection shackle between barriers

5 - Reinforcement plate for anchoring

6 - Ballast and anchor support shackle

7 - PVC coated polyester fabric

8 - Ballast chain

9 - Stabilisers

fence booms

Characteristics of Emtez Fence Booms


  • Speed and Ease of Installation: Emtez Fence booms are designed for quick and easy installation without the need for specialised equipment to activate their buoyancy. This ensures a swift response to contain spills or control water flow.

  • Great Ease of Stowage: These booms offer exceptional stowage efficiency, allowing a large number of barriers to be stored in minimal space. This is particularly beneficial for storage and transport logistics, making them readily available for deployment when needed.

  • High Durability: Constructed with materials boasting high mechanical and abrasion resistance, Emtez Fence booms are built to withstand challenging environmental conditions. This durability ensures a longer lifespan and reliable performance in various marine settings.

  • Performance Guarantee: The design of Emtez Fence booms includes a performance guarantee. Even in the event of a water leak in one of the floating elements, the barrier will remain fully operational, maintaining its effectiveness in containing spills or managing water bodies.

  • Ease of Connection: Connecting different sections of the booms is a straightforward process, ensuring ease of use during deployment and adaptability to different situations. The connection between sections can be established using ASTM type Z connectors or other connector types upon request.

  • Fabric Composition: The fabric used in Emtez Fence booms is made of polyester coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material is resistant to hydrocarbons and UV rays, ensuring durability and longevity in harsh marine environments. The bright orange color of the fabric enhances visibility at sea, promoting safety and easy identification.

  • Customisation Options: Emtez Fence booms provide flexibility with customisation options. While the standard color is orange for high visibility, alternative color choices are available to meet specific preferences or operational requirements.

Optional Extras

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