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Floodstop: the flexible flood barrier system

Introducing the Emtez FloodStop system – a modular flood barrier system for protection from flooding.

The FloodStop flood barrier can be rapidly deployed by one or two persons. Any length of barrier can be assembled by connecting up the modular units with the connection key.

Half the modular units will automatically fill with the rising flood waters, the other half are pre-filled with water ensuring a secure and robust system FloodStop is available in different heights to fit your needs - 0.5m, 0.65m, 0.9m.


The ideal solution for: Perfect for household, business, commercial and utility flood protection. FloodStop can be as temporary and as a permanent solution.


How does the Emtez FloodStop flood barrier work?

Assemblies consist of modular units secured by connection keys. Multi-hubs can be added to make  acute turns or connect to walls. The pre-filled units create a ballast, securing the assembly in place. The modular design allows for a wide range of configurations of flood barriers. Each component is gasket sealed to help prevent unwanted seepage. Self filling units fill up with the flood water and self empty when the flood water precedes, making them light enough to be carried away.

Suitable Terrain:

  • Recommended: Typical hard standings such as roads, pavements, pathways etc. (In an emergency, FloodStop barriers can be used on grass or soil, depending on undulations).
  • Not recommended: for use on gravel.

Key Features of Emtez FloodStop Flood Barriers


  • Quick Deployment: Emtez's FloodStop flood defence barriers offer rapid and efficient deployment, ensuring timely protection against flood threats. This quick response time is crucial for safeguarding properties and assets during emergencies.

  • Reusable: The barriers are designed for repeated use, providing a cost-effective solution over time. The ability to reuse them makes them environmentally friendly and an economical choice for long-term flood protection needs.

  • Not Affected by Strong Winds: Unlike traditional barriers that may be vulnerable to strong winds, Emtez's FloodStop barriers are engineered to withstand adverse weather conditions. Their stability ensures reliable protection even in high-wind scenarios.

  • Self-Balancing: The self-balancing feature of these barriers enhances their stability during deployment, ensuring that they maintain their effectiveness in various flood conditions. This self-stabilizing capability adds an extra layer of reliability to the flood defence system.

  • Self-Filling and Emptying Units: The self-filling units streamline the operational aspects of the flood defence system. This automation reduces the manual effort required during setup.

  • Cost-Effective: Emtez's FloodStop barriers provide a cost-effective solution for flood protection. Their reusable nature, combined with the ease of deployment and lack of additional installation requirements, contributes to a lower overall cost of ownership.

  • Can Be Assembled by One Person: The simplicity of the assembly process allows a single person to handle the deployment of these barriers. This feature adds a level of practicality, making the flood defence system accessible and manageable even in situations where manpower may be limited.

  • No Bolting Required: FloodStop barriers eliminate the need for complex installation processes such as bolting. This simplicity not only saves time but also reduces the need for specialised tools, making the deployment process more accessible for users.

FloodStop | Height Options


0.5m High


What sets the 0.5m high Floodstop apart?

The deployment of 180 meters of the 0.5-meter Floodstop can be accomplished within just 90 minutes.

Enhancing the assembly, a 0.5-meter multi-hub can be incorporated to facilitate connections to walls and navigate sharp turns seamlessly.


Pre-filled Unit

Self-filling Unit


FloodStop | Multi-hubs

FloodStop | Connection Keys

Emtez FloodStop helping navigate flood insurance challenges

Obtaining flood insurance is becoming more challenging, prompting home and business owners to recognise the need for proactive measures in safeguarding their properties. Many are aware that they must take personal responsibility by implementing flood defense barriers to mitigate the risks associated with flooding.

The increasing challenges in obtaining flood insurance emphasise the imperative need for proactive strategies. In response, property owners are actively exploring avenues to fortify their assets. Leveraging the exceptional flood prevention capabilities of Emtez FloodStop barriers has emerged as a particularly effective solution. Property owners are recognising the power of these barriers not only in safeguarding against floods but also as a strategic tool to enhance their eligibility and secure insurance coverage.

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