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Emtez LithiumVault FirePro® Cabinets

Secure your organisation with Emtez's LithiumVault FirePro® Cabinets. Setting new standards in safety, these cabinets come equipped with the standalone FirePro® generator, ensuring optimal protection in the face of fire emergencies.

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What is a FirePro® system & how does it stop thermal runaway?

FirePro® is an innovative and environmentally friendly fire suppression system. In the event of a fire, the LithiumVault cabinets equipped with the stand-alone FirePro® generator are activated by a bulb thermal sensor at a preselected temperature. The liquid in the bulb expands when the surrounding temperature increases. At 70°C the glass bulb bursts, causing the release of an active agent composed of potassium salts, which completely floods the cabinet in 10 seconds, in order to suppress the ongoing fire and neutralise dangerous electrolyte decomposition products such as hydrogen fluoride (HF).

Extinguishing occurs by blocking the chemical reactions within the flames and not by reducing oxygen or cooling. This neutralising action prevents the formation of highly flammable gases such as hydrogen (H2), ultimately allowing the temperature in the enclosure to drop below the threshold necessary for a thermal runaway to sustain itself. The FirePro® extinguishing system plays a crucial role in safeguarding against fires. 

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FirePro® Safety Cabinet Options

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1-Door | Tall | No Charging


External dimensions: (W x D x H): 595 x 600 x 1950mm

Internal dimensions: (W x D x H): 496 x 446 x 1540mm

Shelf dimensions: (W x D x H) 495 x 420 x 39mm

Number of shelves: 4 x perforated shelves

Doors: 1

Door locks: 1 (2 x keys supplied)

Charging points: 0

Tare weight: 210kg (empty cabinet, excluding accessories)

European Standard | EN14470-1

All Emtez LithiumVault FirePro® cabinets boast a rigorous adherence to safety standards, having undergone meticulous compliance checks in accordance with EN 14470-1. These cabinets hold certificates attesting to the thoroughness of tests conducted by Bureau Veritas (BV). This commitment to compliance and certification ensures that our cabinets meet and exceed industry regulations, providing you with a level of assurance and trust in the safety and quality of our LithiumVault FirePro® cabinets.

Emtez FirePro® Cabinets | Standard Safety Features

Emtez FirePro® Cabinets | Enhanced Safety Features

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