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Emtez LithiumVault Quarantine Cabinets

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable assets and ensuring a secure environment, Emtez presents a groundbreaking solution — the LithiumVault Quarantine Cabinets. Beyond conventional safety measures, our cabinets are equipped with an innovative, built-in quarantine water tank system that takes fire protection to a whole new level.

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How do water quarantine safety cabinets effectively prevent lithium-ion battery thermal runaway?

In addition to the standard Emtez safety cabinet features, in the event of a fire, our LithiumVault Quarantine Cabinets also feature a built-in quarantine water tank system. The cabinet automatically triggers a safety response at 70°C that tips over all shelves.

This action allows the batteries to descend into a specially designed water tank positioned at the cabinet’s base. As soon as they’re immersed, the fire will be rapidly extinguished, and the potential risk of subsequent self-combustion, arising from the chemical reagents present in the batteries, will be effectively eliminated. This safety mechanism ensures the containment and reduction of fire-related dangers.

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Water pump and algaecide

Our Quarantine cabinets are outfitted with a water pump designed to facilitate the controlled replenishment of water within the tank. This pump serves to effectively cycle and renew the water content. An algaecide is added into the tank with the function of hindering the growth of algae and bacteria. This combination limits the growth of unwanted microorganisms.

Quarantine Cabinet Options

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Single Door | CH-L1Q1P

External dimensions: (W x D x H): 595 x 600 x 1950mm

Internal dimensions: (W x D x H): 496 x 446 x 1540mm

Shelf dimensions: (W x D x H) 495 x 420 x 39mm

Number of shelves: 3 x perforated shelves

Water tank volume: 60l

Doors: 1

Door locks: 1 (2 x keys supplied)

Charging points: 18 (6 x power sockets per shelf)

Tare weight: 210kg (empty cabinet, excluding accessories)

Power phase options: Single/triple

European Standard | EN14470-1

All Emtez LithiumVault Quarantine cabinets are subject to rigorous compliance checks in accordance with the standards outlined in EN 14470-1. These cabinets boast certificates verifying the thoroughness of the tests conducted, which have been diligently assessed and validated by the esteemed Bureau Veritas (BV). This adherence to industry standards and the endorsement by Bureau Veritas underscores our commitment to ensuring the highest quality and safety standards for our customers.

Standard Safety Features

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