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Power up with Emtez lithium-ion battery charging cabinets

Charging lithium-ion batteries safely within cabinets is paramount due to the inherent risks associated with these energy-dense power sources. Lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to thermal runaway, a potentially hazardous condition where the battery temperature escalates uncontrollably, leading to fire or explosion. Emtez LithiumVault cabinets are designed for safe charging of batteries, whilst still offering crucial containment measures, such as fire-resistant materials and ventilation systems, to mitigate fire risks. 

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The benefits of utilising LithiumVault charging cabinets are manifold: they provide a dedicated, controlled environment for charging, minimising the chances of accidents, protecting both personnel and property.

Investing in safe charging solutions not only ensures compliance with safety regulations but also safeguards against costly damages and potential harm, fostering peace of mind in battery management practices.

Universal charging solutions: exploring socket options across all lithium-ion safety cabinets


Finding the ideal charging solution for your needs is simple. Whether you require a tall, short, single-door, double-door, quarantine, or FirePro® cabinet, we can accommodate your charging necessities.

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Let's get technical

Our cabinets boast a sophisticated charging solution, featuring six 16A 230V outlets per shelf, ensuring ample power supply for your devices. So you can charge your lithium-ion batteries safely, keeping your people, your premises and your assets protected.

These electrical outlets are equipped with a 3 poles 32A differential circuit breaker designed to protect the electrical circuit from damage caused by overcurrent or short circuit and a 5G6mm2 cable section. 

European Standard | EN14470-1

Emtez LithiumVault charging cabinets undergo compliance checks adhering strictly to the standards outlined in EN 14470-1. These cabinets proudly feature certificates attesting to the comprehensive testing procedures, meticulously evaluated and validated by the esteemed Bureau Veritas (BV). This steadfast commitment to industry standards, endorsed by Bureau Veritas, underscores our dedication to delivering the utmost quality and safety assurances to our valued customers.

Standard Safety Features

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