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Organic Peroxides Storage

Welcome to Emtez, where innovation meets safety in the realm of peroxide storage solutions. As a pioneering force dedicated to manufacturing top-tier cabinets, containers, and modular warehouses, our commitment extends beyond mere construction to align seamlessly with the stringent guidelines set forth by the new RD 656/2017.

At Emtez, we prioritise excellence and safety in every facet of our products, with a specialised technical team well-versed in the intricacies of APQ storage.

Our peroxide storage units are engineered to not only meet but exceed industry standards, providing you with peace of mind and optimal storage conditions for hazardous materials. Explore a new standard in storage with Emtez – where precision, compliance, and innovation converge.

peroxides-parallax peroxides parallax-certified

Storage for small quantities of organic peroxides

Cabinets designed for the storage of organic peroxides and self-reactive materials weighing up to 150 kg.

Characteristics of cabinets for organic peroxides (30 and 150 kg)

peroxide cad - small

Storage for medium to large quantities of organic peroxides

Containers designed for the storage of organic peroxides and self-reactive materials from 150kg to 1000+ kg.

Characteristics of containers for organic peroxides (150kg -1,000kg+)

peroxide cad - large

Advanced Temperature-Controlled Modular Containers for Safe Storage of Flammable and Chemical Products

Specialised containers are available for the storage of flammable and chemical products, equipped with refrigeration and heating capabilities. These containers are designed to meet specific temperature requirements essential for preserving the quality and safety of stored products.

The refrigerated containers incorporate air conditioning systems that facilitate the establishment of optimal conditions, including temperature, relative humidity, and air quality. Additionally, in certain instances, these containers can also provide controlled pressure environments. The installation of refrigeration and heating units within our modular containers ensures a tailored approach to maintaining the desired conditions for the safe storage and preservation of various products.

peroxides - heating and cooling

Case Studies


Valresa, Valencia

1 Modular Container for 3,000 Kg of Organic Peroxide


Client Needs:

Valresa faced the challenge of storing 3,000 liters of corrosive organic peroxide within the confines of a small warehouse. Seeking a compliant and secure solution, our client engaged in informative meetings to ensure strict adherence to APQ-9 regulations. The specified requirements included a compact storage space, and due to the corrosive nature of the product, a need for a structure with internal resin coating resistant to corrosive elements.


Emtez Solutions:

Emtez proposed a tailored solution recommending a 4-meter-long peroxide warehouse with a single level, implementing an internal resin coating to withstand corrosion effectively. Our dedicated engineering department played a crucial role in providing all necessary information for a seamless installation. The project was executed flawlessly by Emtez operators, ensuring compliance with regulations. Emtez's distinctive capability to adapt to various limitations cements its position as a leading provider of storage solutions with unparalleled advantages in the market. Throughout the process, the client received detailed reports and backups, offering transparency and documentation compliance for the delivered container.

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