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Permanent Booms

Introducing our resilient and durable permanent containment booms (also know as permanent containment barriers), designed for extended deployment in maritime environments. Crafted with engineering excellence, this boom boasts robustness and longevity. The rigid foam-filled floats, securely attached to the naturally rigid skirt, ensure upright stability in the water, while a metal chain provides essential ballast at the bottom edge.

Carefully selected materials and advanced construction techniques guarantee not only durability but also an aesthetically appealing solution for long-term use in marine environments.


Components of a Permanent Boom

Emtez permanent marine barriers feature high-density polyethylene floats, reinforced with rigid polyurethane foam, showcasing exceptional buoyancy and stability against varying water conditions. The double layer of PVC-coated polyester with UV treatment shields against sun-induced degradation and biofouling, ensuring prolonged structural integrity in ports and marinas.


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1 - PUR polyurethane foam filling

2 - Rigid PEHD float

3 - ASTM type Z connection

4 - Ballast connection shackle

5 - Reinforcement sheet

6 - Ballast and anchor support shackle

7 - PVC coated polyester band

8 - Ballast chain


Characteristics of Emtez Permanent Booms


  • Efficient and Quick Installation: Our permanent barriers boast easy setup without additional equipment requirements.

  • Seamless Connection: Utilising ASTM type Z connectors, sections connect effortlessly for enhanced containment.

  • Resilient Against Winds and Currents: Designed for optimal performance, our barriers perform well in challenging wind and current conditions.

  • Reliable Leak Protection: In the event of a water leak, our barriers guarantee continued functionality, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

  • External Floats for Permanent Solutions: Featuring external floats, our barriers are both permanent and easily repairable when necessary.

  • Long-lasting Durability: Crafted from materials with superior mechanical and abrasion resistance, ensuring prolonged effectiveness.

permanent booms

Optional Extras

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