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Silt Booms

A Silt Containment Boom (also known as an anti-turbidity boom or silt containment barrier) is a vital solution for addressing silt contamination in water bodies resulting from natural and human-induced erosion. 

Primarily employed in construction activities within rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and coastal areas,

Suitable for: Emtez silt barriers are specifically designed for rapid deployment in sheltered and inland waters, with efficiently assembly for prompt use.



Components of a Silt Boom

These booms, similar to our curtain barriers are constructed with internal cylindrical floats, to achieve superior buoyancy, with a PVC-based skirt, complemented by a ballast chain to enhance stability and minimise sway. The primary addition to design is inclusion of a geotextile curtain which can be submerged from 2 to 5 meters. This curtain effectively filters sediments at various depths. This design prevents the passage of particles through marine anti-turbidity barriers, ensuring that turbidity and sediments are confined within a defined area. This targeted containment and filtration mechanism safeguards water quality during dredging or earthworks, contributing to environmental standards and preserving water quality amid construction-related sediment generation.

To address wear and tear concerns, replacement skirts can be acquired separately.


Silt CAD

1 - Reinforced plate for anchoring

2 - ASTM type Z connection

3 - Ballast chain 

4 - Internal floatation system

5 - PVC coated polyester fabric

6 - Ballast support shackle

7 - Anti-turbidity/silt curtain with PVC strip at the top

8 - Velcro strip for curtain joining


silt multi

Characteristics of Emtez Silt Booms


  • Rapid Deployment: Emtez Silt Booms are designed for quick and easy deployment in sheltered and inland waters, making them ideal for construction activities in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and coastal areas.

  • Internal Cylindrical Floats: The booms feature internal cylindrical floats that provide superior buoyancy. This design ensures the proper placement and effective functioning of the silt containment barrier.

  • Ballast Chain: To enhance stability and minimise sway, Emtez Silt Booms include a ballast chain. This feature helps maintain the integrity of the barrier, ensuring its effectiveness in containing and filtering sediments.

  • Geotextile Curtain: A notable addition to the design is the inclusion of a geotextile curtain, which can be submerged from 2 to 5 meters. This curtain acts as an additional layer for filtering sediments at various depths, providing an efficient mechanism for controlling turbidity in water bodies.

  • Depth Flexibility: The geotextile curtain's adjustable depth (2 to 5 meters) allows for adaptability to different water conditions and project requirements, ensuring effective sediment control.

  • Particle Filtration: The geotextile curtain effectively filters sediments, preventing the passage of particles through the silt containment barrier. This feature contributes to maintaining water quality during dredging or earthworks.

  • Skirt Replacement Option: To address wear and tear concerns, Emtez offers the flexibility of acquiring replacement skirts separately. This feature allows for cost-effective maintenance and extends the lifespan of the silt booms.

  • Compliance with Environmental Standards: The targeted containment and filtration mechanism of Emtez Silt Booms contribute to compliance with environmental standards. By preventing the spread of sediments during construction-related activities, these booms aid in preserving water quality in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Optional Extras

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