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The story of Emtez

Today, Emtez stands as a global leader in providing premium, accredited products that address a wide range of industrial and environmental challenges.

Its dedication to innovation and excellence, rooted in the visionary spirit of its founder Bruce Wishart, has transformed a single patent for an auto-tipping, empty-easy skip (Empteezy) into a remarkable success story.

Our Company Timeline

welding (1)

Empteezy Ltd is founded, starting its journey with the support of a local steel fabrication company for manufacturing.


Empteezy takes a significant step by establishing its own workshop near Livingston, demonstrating its commitment to growth and self-reliance.


Empteezy moves to its current site, solidifying its position and expanding its reach in the industry.


A major milestone occurs as Empteezy acquires Delahaye Industries in Nantes, France, leading to rapid expansion and a move beyond a single-site operation.


Empteezy collaborates with its Belgian distributor to form Empteezy Benelux, fostering mutual success and broader market presence.


The innovative Romold is born, using rotational moulding to create cutting-edge plastic spill pallets.

2002 (again!)

Empteezy takes another step into the international arena, launching Empteezy Iberica, a new manufacturing site and sales office in Barcelona, Spain.


Empteezy's expansion continues with the acquisition of Schoeller Industries from the German company Schoeller & Hoelch, which is later renamed Schoeller Industries.


Empteezy partners with the Messina family to establish Empteezy Italia, forging a fruitful joint venture in the Italian market.


Schoeller GmbH was established in Dusseldorf, Germany, as a pivotal component of Empteezy's strategic commitment to seamlessly deliver top-tier spill solutions to our valued customers.


Empteezy Italia experiences change as the Messina family moves on to new ventures, exemplifying Empteezy's embrace of change and evolution.


Empteezy's adaptability shines through with Empteezy GmbH, a web sales company operating from its warehouse, embracing the digital landscape.


Empteezy Iberica takes a bold leap, moving to a new location and expanding its warehouse to twice its size, gearing up for greater capacity and to begin manufacturing steel products in-house.

Welcome to Emtez

Empteezy embraces a fresh chapter, rebranding itself as Emtez, symbolising its growth, dynamism, and continued dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. Now working as one unified group, Emtez are able to offer; enhanced expertise, improved manufacturing processes, an expanded product range as well as reduced shipment and ordering costs to it's customers.

Our Vision

To make tomorrow's world and working environment safer and cleaner than today's.

At Emtez, our commitment to quality, safety, and the environment is at the core of our operations. We take pride in the fact that more than 80% of our products are expertly designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house. And, to ensure top-tier quality and safety for our valued customers, we prioritise sourcing of premium European materials.

Comprehensive lifecycle analysis is part of our development process. This program commences with the efficient procurement of raw materials, incorporates environmental considerations throughout the manufacturing process, and includes responsible waste recycling practices. We rigorously enforce stringent measures to prevent any harm or contamination of local land and aquatic environments. And continuously enhance our occupational health and safety standards, holding certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.

Emtez is fully committed to not only delivering exceptional products but also safeguarding the world we call home.

Our Mission

To drive the industry forward we guarantee we are your one-stop shop for the highest quality, industry-compliant, innovative design and manufacture of both bespoke and standard safety and storage solutions.

Our commitment to delivering on our promises means that our products are guaranteed to be there by the agreed lead time.

Quality is the cornerstone of our business. We understand the critical role our solutions play in ensuring safety, efficiency, and productivity in your operations. That's why we leave no stone unturned in crafting products that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Our team of experts continually strives to innovate and stay at the forefront of cutting-edge design and manufacturing capability. Whether it's a unique custom project or an off-the-shelf product, you can trust that Emtez will deliver the best-in-class solutions.  Our commitment to you goes beyond just providing excellent products. We understand the importance of keeping our delivery promises to you, and every Emtez colleague strives to surpass your expectations, whether it be product quality or on time delivery. As we move forward, Emtez will continue to invest in research, development, and customer-driven product and service solutions to maintain our position as an industry leader. We owe our success to your continued support, trust, and partnership, and we will always strive to exceed your expectations.

David Byrne, Group CEO

Senior Leadership Team


David Byrne

Group CEO

Calque 1

Sean Gough

Group COO


Jon Hazlewood

Group CFO

john mason

John Mason

Group Sales Director


Claudia Picon

Group QHSE Director


Andrew Radley

Group Purchasing Director

Country Managers


Alessandro Borzini

Managing Director | Emtez Italia, Italy


Christian Dornhaus

Managing Director | Emtez GmbH, Germany & Emtez Benelux, Belgium

Calque 1

Sean Gough

Managing Director | Emtez France, France


Leen Sandor

Managing Director | Emtez Ibérica, Spain

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