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Quality Absorbents Manufactured in Europe

Our cutting-edge facilities in Wisches, France and Livingston, Scotland, manufacture over 1000 variations of industrial absorbents annually. Emtez's commitment to quality aligns with both national and European regulations, emphasizing environmental protection and liquid pollution reduction.


Material excellence: 100% polypropylene absorbents

Our in-house manufactured absorbent products are exclusively crafted from polypropylene, a material renowned for its exceptional physical attributes. Boasting a high natural absorption capacity, polypropylene serves as the optimal choice for manufacturing our industrial absorbents. These absorbents can absorb multiple times their liquid mass.

Polypropylene exhibits remarkable resistance and adaptability to elevated temperatures. This unique property ensures that our absorbents do not combust at high temperatures; instead, they undergo contraction followed by melting.

Absorbent Range

What are industrial absorbents used for?


There are two main functions served by absorbents: spill prevention and spill response. Our diverse range of absorbents can provide a highly effective solution for rapidly and safely containing and absorbing pollutants, dangerous substances, and toxic liquids. This not only safeguards the well-being of your people but also protects the environment from potential harm.


  • Enhances safety by preventing slips, trips, and falls.

  • Mitigates the risk of water and soil pollution.

  • Safeguards the environment against potential harm.

  • Stops the spread of hazardous liquids effectively.

  • Minimises the inhalation of dangerous products, ensuring a safer working environment.

What types of absorbents are available?


Maintenance (All liquids)

Distinguished by their grey colour, our maintenance absorbents offer an ideal solution for addressing general housekeeping concerns and are well-suited for a wide range of industrial applications and various liquid types.

Specialist Absorbents

Emtez Absorbent Booms stand as indispensable tools for spill response. These specially engineered marine barriers excel in both containment and absorption, maintaining effectiveness even when saturated.

Crafted with pure polypropylene fibers, these booms ensure buoyancy even after absorbing waterborne hydrocarbons, thanks to the naturally hydrophobic properties of polypropylene. The lightweight design, swift connectivity, and easy handling further contribute to a rapid and efficient spill response capability.

absorbents boom1

How to select the right absorbent?

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