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Flood Defence

As the world we live in changes, flooding represents a growing risk to businesses across the UK and globally. Protect your people, your premises, and the environment with our range of flood management solutions.

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Award-winning Flood Defence

In 2023, Emtez Group acquired Fluvial Innovations, integrating their cutting-edge flood defence solutions into the Emtez product range.

Established in 2006, Fluvial Innovations has been a pioneer in developing award-winning technology-led flood defence products. As part of Emtez Group, we remain committed to advancing the flood defence industry by collaborating with project leads to tailor products to your operational needs. Our experienced engineers will bring your concepts from pencil sketches to innovative solutions, ensuring compliance with the highest European standards for safety, quality, and sustainability. Trust Emtez Group for the best flood solutions customised to your specific requirements.

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Why invest in Emtez Flood Barriers?

Experts agree that sandbag barriers fail to prevent flood damages, evident when floodwater surpasses them. The inherent problems include non-reusability, escalating costs, and slow deployment. Emtez flood barriers effectively tackle these issues, offering a range suitable for home, council, and commercial use.

Emtez flood barriers address common challenges present in traditional flood barrier solutions. Our award-winning Floodstop and FloodFence™ cater to specific flood needs while sharing key traits: reusability, recyclability, cost-effectiveness, and swift deployment. Suitable for home, council, and commercial use, our range ensures effective flood protection.

Flood Barriers


Why invest in Emtez Flood Defence solutions?

  • Effortless Emergency Deployment: Install Emtez Flood Defence solutions with ease, ensuring quick response in emergencies. Our user-friendly designs eliminate the hassle of complex installations.

  • Durable and Space-Efficient: Our flood defence barrier features are robust and stackable, providing both strength against flooding and easy storage when not in use. Practicality meets efficiency.

  • Tailored Protection for Every Space: Choose from our range of flood management solutions – barriers to doorstops – tailored to meet your specific needs. Emtez Flood Defence offers versatile options for any environment.

  • Sustainable and Responsible Choices: Emtez is committed to eco-friendly solutions, minimising environmental impact.

  • Emtez Flood Defence empowers you to proactively manage flood risks. Be prepared for unexpected challenges, ensuring resilience and peace of mind.

  • Expertise and Reliability: Partner with Emtez for more than just products – gain reliable solutions and support in flood management. Trust our commitment to your safety and asset security.

  • Savings Through Smart Investment: Beyond safeguarding people, our solutions can save thousands by preventing damages. Invest today to protect your business tomorrow – a wise and cost-effective decision.

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Find out more about Flood Defence solutions!

For more information about our flood defence solutions or personalised guidance on the most suitable options for your business, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts today.