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Spill Containment

At Emtez, we provide top-of-the-line spill containment products specially designed for a wide range of liquids, including hazardous and flammable, so you can handle even the most challenging drips, leaks, or spills. 

Every system has been developed by our specialist engineering team using the latest in spill containment technology. Manufactured to meet and in some cases exceed the highest safety standards, our solutions provide robust protection to ensure your workplace remains safe and your operations compliant with environmental regulations.

Parallax 500 X 600 spill CONTAINMENT LEFT parallax-certified

Spill Containment

Emtez Spill Containment Features

  • Ease of installation means your team can deploy our solutions quickly and without hassle in the event of an emergency.

  • All our systems require minimal maintenance, freeing your team up to concentrate on maintaining what really matters — your operations.

  • High-quality design and manufacturing ensures you can rely on our systems to perform when you need them most.

A spill can disrupt even the best-planned operations, but it doesn’t have to. With an Emtez spill containment system to hand, you can rapidly contain the situation, giving you control back over the incident and any disruption it might have caused.

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