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Spill Response

React fast to neutralise and dispose of a spill with our wide range of absorbents, buckets, wipes, and other spill response kits, soaking up any risk to your people and premises.

When a spill occurs, it’s the speed of your response that can make or break your accident prevention strategy. Key to this is having the right spill response products in stock and on hand so your team can react quickly and effectively, whatever the circumstances and spill.

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Spill Response

Emtez Spill Response Features

  • Our wide variety of spill response products means you can choose from the solutions that suit your circumstances and the hazards to your workplace.

  • All our spill response products are designed with the environment in mind, because the solutions you choose shouldn’t be as harmful as the spills they contain.

  • The quality standards to which we hold our products also extends to our service, ensuring you’ll never run out of the solutions you need to neutralise a spill fast.

Even a harmless liquid is a hazard when spilled. Whether hazardous, flammable, or a simple slip and trip risk, neutralise the threat to your people and premises with our cost-effective solutions, designed to keep your workplace safe and your operations compliant.

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