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High-Capacity Storage

Storing high volumes of hazardous chemicals in one place doesn’t just require a large storage solution. The storage of a high concentration of hazardous materials in one place requires a storage solution capable of withstanding a significant leak, spill, fire, or explosion.

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High-Capacity Storage

Emtez High-Capacity Storage Features

  • We offer a wide range of high-capacity storage solutions to suit every environment, so whatever you’re storing, and wherever you want to store it, we’ve got you covered.

  • When storing chemicals on this scale, quality manufacturing is a must-have to ensure workplace safety. Our uncompromising approach to our product design, materials use, and manufacturing means you can rely on our solutions to keep you safe.

  • We’re open to customising any of our high-capacity storage solutions in line with your unique requirements, developing a bespoke solution to your operational needs.

High capacity could mean high risk, but a high-quality solution takes care of all of that, keeping your workplace safe and your operations compliant with industry regulations.

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