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Crafting Safety and Efficiency: Sipsmith Gin's Journey with Emtez Storage Solutions


Sipsmith Gin, founded in 2009, is a distinguished London-based distillery that played a pivotal role in the resurgence of craft gin. Notably, Sipsmith was the first copper-pot distillery to open in London in nearly two centuries.

Sipsmith's diverse product line includes flavored gins like sloe gin and lemon drizzle gin, showcasing both innovation and adherence to core principles. The distillery's dedication to small-batch production ensures hands-on quality control, contributing to its reputation for excellence.

Sipsmith has been a driving force in the craft gin movement, influencing the industry's return to traditional practices. The brand has received numerous awards for its craftsmanship, innovation, and consistently high-quality spirits.


Challenges faced before realising the need for a solution

Before implementing the Emtez storage solution, Sipsmith Gin faced a critical challenge in finding a safe space to store alcohol within a fire-rated environment without incurring substantial costs. The need for compliant and secure storage was driven by both legal requirements and the necessity to ensure the safety of the stored products.

Failure to address the initial problem could have led to two significant consequences. Firstly, there would be a risk of exceeding the legal license for on-site alcohol storage. Secondly, storing alcohol in non-safe conditions poses serious safety risks, such as the potential for fire hazards.

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The solution

In their quest for a suitable storage solution, Sipsmith Gin explored available options in the market but found that existing companies did not meet their unique requirements. Criteria for selection included the ability to meet fire safety regulations, cost-effectiveness, and a practical design tailored to the specific needs of storing high-proof alcohol.

Following numerous discussions with Emtez Regional Sales Manager, Nick Freeman, the consensus was reached that the Bunded Drum/IBC Store - DPU96-24PBFR would effectively address their specific needs. This one-hour fire-rated storage facility was chosen for its specialized features, incorporating push-back load/unload functionalities. The selected unit successfully fulfills all specified criteria, ensuring the secure storage of liquids such as 96% Ethanol and Gin at concentrations of 80% and 40%. Through this collaborative effort with Emtez, it was guaranteed that the chosen solution not only demonstrated effectiveness but was also intricately tailored to precisely align with the unique storage requirements of Sipsmith Gin.

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Immediate Outcomes and Overall Experience with Emtez

Following the implementation of the Emtez storage solution, Sipsmith Gin experienced an immediate expansion of on-site storage capacity. This enhancement facilitated a more organized and compliant storage arrangement, effectively resolving the initial challenges they faced.

The overall experience with Emtez, as conveyed by Nick Freeman, Emtez Regional Sales Manager, was characterised by a high level of satisfaction. Nick played a crucial role in the positive outcome by being incredibly helpful and responsive throughout the purchasing process, contributing to a smooth implementation of the storage solution.

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