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How Neuhaus uses bunded storage units to safely store their alcohol stock for pralines


Neuhaus is a leading chocolatier with the mission of creating happiness. With a rich history dating back to 1857, when the Neuhaus family opened their first boutique in the famous Queen's Gallery in Brussels, Neuhaus has since grown into a global staple in the chocolate industry.

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What challenges Neuhaus faced in terms of storage

Neuhaus produces pralines in various flavours, scents, and colours, some of which are filled with alcoholic liqueurs such as whiskey and amaretto. Given the flammability of alcohol, it was crucial for Neuhaus to find a safe storage solution for their alcohol stock. However, the large volume of alcohol and the variety of liqueurs made it difficult to use standard fire-resistant cabinets. Moreover, Neuhaus had to deal with an uneven surface at their Wezenbeek location.

The innovative and customised solution provided by Emtez

Emtez provided the perfect solution for Neuhaus by delivering a custom-made racking storage unit that is also fire-resistant to safely store the alcohol stock. The container originally had two levels, but through customisation, a third level was created to maximise storage capacity while minimising the required volume. Additionally, in collaboration with a transporter, special wedges were developed to level the container on the uneven ground, thereby avoiding costly groundwork.

neuhaus steelcontainer

Benefits of Emtez storage unit

Emtez's custom-made fire-resistant storage container offered Neuhaus several advantages:

  • Customisable Colour: The container could be tailored to the client's specific requirements, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into Neuhaus' existing environment.

  • Easy-to-Open Doors: The sliding doors of the container were easy to operate, giving both the production staff and employees easy access to the necessary alcohol stock.

  • Flexible Placement: Thanks to the special wedges, the containers could be levelled, even on uneven ground. This eliminated the need for expensive groundwork, saving Neuhaus considerable costs.

  • Customisation: Emtez worked together with the client to determine the best solution. In this case, customisation was used to provide three levels instead of the standard two, thereby increasing storage capacity without taking up extra space.

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The collaboration between Neuhaus and Emtez resulted in a safe and efficient storage solution for Neuhaus' alcohol stock. Thanks to the customisation options and flexibility of Emtez's fire-resistant storage units, Neuhaus was able to optimise and secure its production process.