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Optimising Safety and Efficiency: InkMaker's Partnership with Emtez


InkMaker UK Ltd provide automated dispensing systems for an array of applications; their systems are used by many of the biggest names in the ink, paint and packaging sectors. We are a global company with locations and facilities in 4 continents and manufacturing sites in Europe and Asia. Rexson Systems were incorporated into the Inkmaker Group of companies in 2019 to enhance our product portfolio and market reach.

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Product Information

Our client requested a bespoke safe and compliant Storage and Dispensation System combined, for their highly flammable solvent-based Inks in six Steel IBCs. They needed a single-tier unit to house these six IBC’s, with sufficient room inside to accommodate hoses and air-driven pumps to each IBC. It needed to be fully bunded and with channels to keep the hoses suspended clear of the bund.
To fully comply with the DSEAR 2002 Regulations and HSE guidelines, the unit provided is Fire Rated to 1 hour.

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Working with Emtez

We have worked with Emtez on several projects and have another pending which we hope to have secured in the next two months. Our business is predominantly manufacturing ink dispensing and blending equipment for packaging converters and printers. This equipment manufactures bespoke colours on a just-in-time basis, to suit the designs and branding of the product being printed. However, certain inks are used in large volumes and do not require blending, such as Whites and Lacquers that are applied in large quantities onto the printed product. It is becoming more common for printers to store these products in bulk, safely away from the factory floor – primarily for fire safety and housekeeping reasons, as these products are typically solvent-based with low flashpoints. Inkmaker UK (previously Rexson Systems) have supplied many systems which allow the safe storage of these high usage inks away from the factory floor in a safe environment and pump product directly to the printing press. On occasion, when undertaking a project of this nature, the customer will not have internal space which is either available or suitable for the storage of flammable products; therefore we will look at the option of external storage facilities. Again, due to space constraints, it becomes necessary to store these products as close to the factory as possible to facilitate short piping distances, taking care not to impede roadways etc.

In these instances, we have worked closely with Emtez to recommend and specify the appropriately Regulation-compliant Fire Rated storage containers. We worked closely with Nick Freeman in the specification stages to arrive at a quotation and a final specification that is desired by the customer (and often their insurers), to include such options as Fire Suppression. Once the project is underway, our design team continue to work hand in hand with Nick and his team to confirm precise details for the location of pumps and pipework within the container.
The units are made to a high standard, and it reflects well on the overall project to have Emtez on board. The transport and delivery of the cabinet is dealt with by Emtez, and we have none of the problems with unloading and siting the equipment we have experienced with previous vendors.”
Martin Black, Area Sales Manager at Rexson.
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As an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 accredited company with more than 30 years’ experience you can trust Emtez to assess your site, recommend the right products for your specific applications and train your staff too.

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