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Taming Invasive Plants: A Customised Solution in River Management by Emtez


In the realm of environmental conservation and river management, Emtez has spearheaded a transformative project involving the manufacturing of river barriers. This case study delves into the intricacies of a barrier engineered to combat the proliferation of a floating invasive plant within a river. By meticulously tailoring the barrier to the unique requirements of the water body, Emtez has not only addressed a pressing ecological concern but has also established a new standard in the field of river barriers.

Project Overview
The project centred on the creation of a specialised river barrier aimed at containing the propagation of a floating invasive plant. Emtez's expertise played a pivotal role in creating a barrier that not only fulfilled its intended purpose but also seamlessly integrated with the size and dynamics of the river. To meet the specific demands of the project, river barriers were strategically deployed in 25-meter sections with a minimal draft, effectively targeting the surface spread of the invasive plant.

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Key Features and Innovations:

Modular Design and Customisation
A standout feature of these river barriers is their modular design, implemented in 25-meter sections. This customisation allows for easy adaptability, enabling the barriers to be lengthened or shortened as required. The inclusion of ASTM and optional Norway connectors provides flexibility in manipulating the barrier's length, ensuring precise coverage.

Low Draft Design
Recognising the distinctive characteristics of the invasive plant, the river barriers were designed with a small draft, emphasising surface containment. This strategic approach not only targets the plant at its point of spread but also minimises unnecessary interference with the riverbed.

Mobility and Anchoring System
To enhance the practicality of the barrier, a handle system was integrated, facilitating easy movement as needed. Simultaneously, anchoring points were strategically placed, allowing the barrier to be securely anchored when required, resisting the natural movement of the waters.

Results and Impact
Since the deployment of this specialised river barrier, significant success has been achieved in halting the expansion of the invasive plant. The adaptability of the modular design, coupled with the low draft and the mobility/anchoring system, has proven to be a game-changer in effectively managing the spread of unwanted vegetation in the river. Emtez's innovative approach has not only addressed an ecological challenge but has also set a precedent for sustainable and effective river management strategies.

Our engineering team’s innovative approach to this river barrier design exemplifies a commitment to environmental stewardship and effective river management. By customising the barrier to address the unique challenges posed by a floating invasive plant, Emtez has not only provided a solution to a specific problem but has also set a precedent for future projects in the realm of river conservation. This case study serves as a testament to the power of tailored solutions in creating a harmonious balance between human activities and the delicate ecosystems of our rivers.

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