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A 4-Step Guide to Achieving ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Excellence

In today's global landscape, environmental responsibility is a critical aspect of corporate governance. ISO 14001, an internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems, empowers organisations to enhance their environmental performance, optimise resource utilisation, and earn the trust of stakeholders.

This guide outlines the essential steps companies must take to achieve ISO 14001 certification, focusing on environmental protection and the development of a robust strategy to prevent breaches.


Step 1 | Identify the Environmental Factors


The foundation of ISO 14001 compliance lies in a thorough understanding of an organisation's environmental impact. Companies need to conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify and evaluate environmental aspects and impacts associated with their activities, products, or services. This includes considering factors such as energy consumption, waste generation, and emissions.

How can Emtez help?
Emtez are industry experts in the safe storage, handling and distribution of business-critical liquids and chemicals. Which is why our appraisals offer an invaluable insight into helping organisations meet their environmental obligations.


Step 2 | Set Up an ISO 14001 Aligned Environmental Policy

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Once the environmental factors are identified, it's crucial to establish a clear and concise environmental policy aligned with ISO 14001 standards. This policy should reflect your organisation's commitment to environmental protection, compliance with legal requirements, and continuous improvement.

How can Emtez help?


With a proud 37-year track record, we have been dedicated to assisting organizations in cultivating a safe and secure work environment for both employees and customers. Our expertise lies in identifying and mitigating risks related to the management of substantial quantities of liquids and chemicals integral to numerous major manufacturing processes.


Step 3 |  Develop an EMS (Environmental Management Strategy)

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With the environmental policy in place, the next step is to formulate a comprehensive Environmental Management Strategy (EMS). This strategy outlines the goals, objectives, and action plans to address environmental impacts and continuously improve performance.

How can Emtez help?


Emtez appraisals can be performed on site and provide insightful help and guidance in developing an enduring environmental management strategy, ensuring seamless alignment with  ISO 14001 objectives. Each appraisal is tailored to meet  your unique environmental challenges and opportunities.


Step 4 | Certification Audit


The culmination of the ISO 14001 journey is the certification audit. Before undergoing this formal assessment, organisations can benefit from Emtez's on-site appraisals, which offer expert guidance and assurance that all necessary components are in place. The certification audit evaluates the organisation's adherence to ISO 14001 standards, confirming the effectiveness of the implemented environmental management system.


ISO 14001 certification is a testament to an organisation's commitment to environmental stewardship. By following these four key steps – identifying environmental factors, establishing an aligned policy, developing a robust EMS, and undergoing a certification audit – companies can not only achieve ISO 14001 compliance but also gain a competitive advantage and foster trust.

Emtez's on-site appraisals provide valuable support throughout this journey, ensuring a smooth and successful path to ISO 14001 certification. Get in touch today to book in your free no-obligation site visit for personalised guidance for you and your business.

All of our on-site appraisals are covered by our comprehensive confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement.