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Emtez Supports Local Charity Social Bite in Response to Covid-19


During these unpredictable times, we cannot overlook our responsibility as an organisation to support our local charities who are helping those who have been affected further by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking the critical steps to ensure the health and safety and well-being of Social Bite’s brave volunteers and employees, Emtez is committed to donating 1,000 4-ply disposable face masks each month for the foreseeable future. It is hoped that the donation will allow the charity to optimise their spend more efficiently on the essentials they require from financial contributions rather than worries of PPE supply.

Social Bite makes a real and immediate difference for the most impoverished and neglected in our society. Their main priority during this crisis is to produce and deliver over 6,000 food packs daily, along with essentials such as hygiene products, toiletries and basic medicines to vulnerable people all over Scotland. As these packs are delivered directly to those in need, face masks must be worn to protect the public.

As well as requiring masks for deliveries and catering preparation, the face masks will be used in their Social Bite shops to protect staff and also to offer protection for those who may not have access to these types of resources, as well as offering them to people experiencing homelessness.

For more information on Social Bite, please visit