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Our Commitment to Giving Back


As a company and as individuals, we believe that it is essential to give back to our local community. Over the years, we have supported Social Bite with their mission to end homelessness. Each year employees from the Empteezy group participate in Social Bite’s Sleep in the Park.

Sleep in the Park is an event encouraging people to sleep outside in sub-zero conditions with a sleeping bag. Although it can never recreate the true experience of homelessness, it can undoubtedly generate awareness and empathy to those who are homeless.

As you could imagine, the experience is mentally and physically exhausting – your body fights to protect itself from the cold which means you get little to no sleep. The team were lucky enough to be kitted out in thermals and have multiple layers to attempt to keep them warm. They had security to keep them safe. Homeless people do not have those luxuries.

This year, we wanted to do even more to help Social Bite as they help those who have been affected by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Their main priority during this crisis is to produce and deliver over 6,000 food packs daily, along with essentials such as hygiene products, toiletries and basic medicines to vulnerable people all over Scotland. As these packs are delivered directly to those in need, face masks must be worn to protect the public.

Empteezy is committed to donating 1,000  disposable face masks each month for the foreseeable future. It is hoped that the donation will allow the charity to optimise their spend more efficiently on the essentials they require from financial contributions rather than worries of PPE supply.

We also purchased 500 boxes of their delicious homemade brownies as part of their ‘Baking a Difference’ campaign. To help spread the word, we gifted a number of the packages to our customers and Livingston Football Club.


We are living in unprecedented times, and it’s essential to us that we look after those who need it most.

Please support us in raising money to achieve Social Bite’s vision. Let’s help eradicate homelessness in Scotland – Social Bite