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Sleep in the Park


sleep in the park

In December of last year, five members of the Empteezy and Romold teams took part in Sleep in the Park as part of Social Bite’s mission to eradicate homelessness in Scotland. With temperatures dropping to minus 7, whilst there was entertainment and laughs, it was no easy task.

For anyone who has slept outside in sub-zero conditions with a sleeping bag probably not fit for those kind of temperatures, it hurts. Mentally and physically, it is utterly exhausting – your body fights to protect itself from the cold which means you get little to no sleep. The team were lucky enough to be kitted out in thermals and have multiple layers to attempt to keep them warm. They had security to keep them safe. Homeless people do not have those luxuries.

At 6.30am, people were allowed to leave. The relief of hot showers and a warm bed helped get the blood flowing. The team were lucky enough to go back to their warm homes, their baths and fires and rugs. The sleeping bags were back in the attic and a hot meal was on the table. The truth was, the attendees didn’t experience what homeless people do night after night. They experienced a very different night from those who live it. But the urge to do something to help those who don’t have a home is much stronger than before.

And so with that in mind, they have agreed to take part in this year’s event on the 8th December. The good work that came from the £10,000 raised by the team saw the launch of the homeless village, now occupied by 20 people. The further £25,000 donated by Bruce allowed schoolchildren to take part and open their eyes to such a worthy cause.

sleep in the park

This year, we want to raise even more. And that is where we need your help.

We are a smart and forward thinking country and we truly believe that our gesture, along with the other 8,000 or so people who took part, will go a long, long way to helping those who need it most. Please support us in raising money to achieve Social Bite’s vision. Let’s help eradicate homelessness in Scotland.

Give what you can. Donate now.