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Spill Kit Contents: Choosing the Right Kit for Your Site


Having the right spill kit contents and equipment in place, along with adequately trained staff to respond to a spill, is fundamental to having a site spill response plan that will deliver in the event of an incident.

Whether you already have a site response plan in place or you are about to start the process, its worth going back to basics to ensure you understand your site as a whole. The spill kit contents will prove essential to the success of any spill containment or clean up.

At Emtez, we offer four types of spill kit designed for different situations:

Things to Remember

  • Importantly, spill kits should be located in the spill area and remote from it allowing you to cover all eventualities.
  • A common mistake is to over specify the size of kit. Remember: it only needs to be appropriate to the spill potential and your response plan should make provision to utilise kits from other areas in the event of a major incident.
  • As an example if you have a spill from a 205ltr drum, you don’t need a 205ltr absorbent capacity spill kit as you are likely to roll the drum hole side up, or plug the hole in some way so the reality is that you might lose up to 40%. A spill kit of circa 90ltr capacity supported by other site kits would be more than adequate.
  • Understanding potential spill path(s) any spilt liquid may take and whether your site is fully contained will allow you to determine what additional spill kit contents you will require.

Spill kit contents can include a range of products listed below:

We have recently launched our catalogue which is available to download or order now. Packed full of tips, tricks and information on our latest products, it is the perfect guide to help you create a foolproof spill kit and ensure you have the right products for your specific applications.

Explore our range of Spill Kits now. Alternatively, find out more about Spill Control

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