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Spillages Are a Main Cause of Injury in Breweries


UK breweries are on the rise with an 8% growth which brings the UK total up to around 1,700. As the industry thrives, it’s vital to ensure breweries are compliant with legislation relating to health and safety and the prevention of injury at work.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) there are alarming statistics that indicate slips and trips are one of the main causes of injury in breweries (second to manual handling). Slips and trips are an equal cause of injury and 90 % of slips are due to wet floors which can be prevented with the right measures.

Bruce Wishart, founder of leading spill containment specialist Emtez, has commented on the importance of keeping alcoholic and soft drinks companies compliant with legislation and policies. He said: “Employee safety to avoid injury in breweries is paramount, in an environment which predominately deals with liquids, it’s no surprise that slips and trips are one of the most common injuries sustained.

“If liquids aren’t properly stored, it poses risk not only to the employees, but companies themselves can be open to substantial fines. Having the right spill containment measures in place is not only crucial to prevention of slips and trips but critical to the prevention of exposure to harmful chemicals and substances.”

Emtez recently advised family run Fourpure Brewery on legislation. Steve Morris, head of packaging at Fourpure said: “Emtez carried out a site visit where they were able to recommend solutions that helped us comply with Health and Safety legislation, as well as providing vital information regarding the storage of chemicals that will help protect our employees and our business.”

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