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The Dangers of Not Storing Hand Sanitiser Safely


Hand sanitiser has become a popular and essential hygiene product to help stop the spread of germs and harmful bacteria, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. But what people may not be aware of is most hand sanitisers are highly flammable and must be stored in a safe place.

Most hand sanitiser products contain a high volume of alcohol (60-95%). Alcohol is highly effective at killing germs, which is why it is such a prevalent ingredient in hand sanitisers worldwide.

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers are classified as Flammable Liquids as they present a fire hazard, and as such can be subject to some very strict regulations in terms of Storage. Because they are flammable, hand sanitisers and some of their ingredients have the potential to harm persons and property.

For health and safety, all alcohol-based hand sanitiser should be stored away from all heat and ignition sources, including(but not limited to):

  • Sparks
  • Open flames
  • All electrical outlets
  • Switches
  • Equipment

If the product is not stored away safely, it may generate vapours which may form explosive vapour/air mixtures. Larger volumes of Hand Sanitiser pose an even greater risk and additional limitations on how and where they are stored are strictly regulated.


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Fire Rated Units

Small Fire Rated Units

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Fire Rated Walk-in Storage Units

1 Hour Fire Rated Store – CS2FR (To hold 72 containers with floor space)

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Fire Rated Forklift Access Stores

1 Hour Fire Rated Drum Store – DPU16-4FR to hold 16 drums or 4 IBCs

1 Hour Fire Rated Drum Store – DPU32-8FR to hold 32 drums or 8 IBCs

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Fire Rated Units

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Buy with Confidence 

Emtez has over 30 years’ experience designing and manufacturing quality products. We are an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 accredited company as well as having memberships with the British Safety Industry Federation and Scottish Engineering.

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