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Understanding requirements for hazardous substances

There is a wide range of regulations covering the storage of hazardous substances across the world, however, one thing that unites them is the goal to deliver high levels of safety where hazardous substances are being used or stored.

In the UK specifically, the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 applies to workplaces where dangerous substances, including flammable liquids, are currently present or have a chance to be.

With that in mind, there are a few steps that are important to consider to achieve a better understanding of what it is you need before making those decisions.


Knowledge of what you are storing can help to prevent problems down the line. Substances generally come equipped with a safety data sheet outlining important considerations about the substance. The data sheet should detail specific information about the substance, such as whether it is flammable or not so that an appropriate risk assessment can be conducted.

Health & Safety officers can create an evaluative checklist around the products.


Once it’s known what’s been stored & handled, you can move on to how. Storing hazardous items properly is essential for the safety of life, and to prevent contamination or causing further problems to machinery, premises or drainage systems.

When it comes to the possibility of an explosion or fire taking place, it may also be required that the storage is thick enough to withstand fires for at least 90 minutes for insurance purposes.


When controlled correctly, a further hazard from a spill or leak can be avoided, otherwise, it may lead to larger, more dangerous & more expensive hazards occurring. It’s equally essential to be prepared for the eventuality of a hazard. In the long term, the cost of being equipped for a clean-up will always be cheaper than the cost if the area spreads. Along with the equipment, it’s important to have staff capable of knowing how to act for a spill too. Managing a spill or leak is often an overlooked aspect which each individual close to a hazard should be trained in managing. Spill training is a service Emtez can offer.

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