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Why overlooking safety storage for lithium batteries could be risky


As we become increasingly dependent on electronic devices, the demand for efficient power storage solutions has skyrocketed. Among these, lithium batteries have proved particularly popular due to their high energy density and long lifecycle. However, the high reactivity of lithium introduces a significant safety concern. That's why special safety storage cabinets are required. In this article, we delve into the comprehensive features of a safety storage cabinet designed for lithium batteries, helping you ensure health and safety in your working environment. 

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What are the dangers of improper storage of Lithium-ion batteries 

Lithium batteries, despite their usefulness, can pose considerable fire and health hazards due to their chemical makeup. Unforeseen circumstances, such as improper handling, excessive temperature exposure, or mechanical damage, can lead to a thermal runaway - a chain reaction resulting in the battery releasing its stored energy in a rapid, uncontrolled manner. This can cause fires or explosions that standard fire suppression systems may struggle to handle. 

To mitigate this, it's essential to store lithium batteries in specialised cabinets that can contain potential fires and prevent them from spreading, keeping both people and property safe. 

When lithium batteries ignite, they generate a high-temperature fire that can quickly spread to adjacent areas. Regular steel cabinets may not withstand these extreme temperatures, leading to structural compromise and potential fire spread. Moreover, the chemical vapours emitted during such a fire can be highly corrosive, damaging not only the storage equipment but also the surrounding structures. 

The situation becomes even more complicated when you consider that lithium fires cannot be extinguished with water. They require class D fire extinguishers, which aren't typically found in standard settings. Therefore, not having the proper safety storage solutions can escalate a minor incident into a major catastrophe. 


The vital role of lithium-ion battery safety storage cabinets 

Fortunately, a solution exists that can greatly mitigate these risks: a safety storage cabinet designed specifically for lithium batteries. Made entirely of 1/1.5 mm thick cold-pressed sheet steel, these cabinets are painted with anti-acid epoxy powder and then placed in a heat tunnel at 200 °C. This process creates a robust, fire-resistant structure that can withstand the high temperatures (up to 800 °C) produced by lithium battery fires. 

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Special insulation is incorporated, using high-density fibre panels and calcium sulphate panels. The internal melamine laminate faced panels offer high resistance to vapours, even aggressive ones, further enhancing the cabinet's ability to contain a lithium battery fire. 

These cabinets are not only designed to withstand the intense heat but also equipped with advanced fire detection and automatic extinguishing systems. They are LPCB certified to EN 12094-1 and EN54.2 and 4 standards, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness in detecting and suppressing fires. 

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To further enhance safety, these cabinets come with an anti-spark hinge which guarantees excellent door stability, a 3 cm thermo-expanding seal, and outlet pipes located at the top and bottom of the cabinet. They also feature a 100 mm diameter ventilation hole on the roof and 90-minute certified automatic closing valves for air inlet, which help regulate temperature and prevent the build-up of potentially explosive gases. 

Safety measures like an earth terminal to prevent electrostatic discharge, key-operated lock and door block system, and height-adjustable feet make these cabinets a must-have for any environment that uses or stores lithium batteries. 

These cabinets even feature a low absorption rate when idle, consuming only 40mA. With inputs and outputs for remote control of functions, an input for a Stop extinguishing button and Cancel extinguishing button, and an RS-485 for remote panel connection, this state-of-the-art cabinet is the ideal solution for lithium battery storage. 

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In conclusion, the safety storage cabinet for lithium batteries is a crucial investment for any business dealing with these power storage units. By combining robust materials, innovative design, and cutting-edge technology, this cabinet mitigates the significant risks posed by lithium batteries, ensuring your workplace remains safe and compliant. 

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