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Emtez Acquires Specialist Flood Management Solutions Provider Fluvial Innovations

Protect your people, premises, and the environment with our new range of specialist flood management solutions, available through our acquisition of Fluvial Innovations. 

In 2021, summer flooding in Central and Western Europe claimed at least 212 lives, marking it as the deadliest weather-related flood in Europe in more than 50 years according to the ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control).

Climate change predictions heighten this risk for many regions across Europe as global sea levels rise, floodplains shrink, and general trends towards urbanisation increase both the likelihood and the severity of predicted flooding in the UK and across the continent. 

With risk comes the need for policies and processes to protect against it. The WHO Regional Office for Europe categorises measures to protect population health from flooding into prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. Our recent acquisition of specialist flood management solutions provider Fluvial Innovations gives our customers throughout Europe access to equipment across this breadth of measures to provide the protection they need.

0.5m high floodstop reservoir

A robust solution to rising risk 

Since 2006, Fluvial Innovations’ specialist flood barriers and diverters have defended homes, businesses, and local authorities across many miles for hundreds of customers around the world.

As the risk of flooding has increased, traditional flood defence measures such as sandbags have been proven to be unfit for purpose. Notably, sandbags leak excessively. They are unwieldy to deploy, poor value for money, and unreliable when you need them most.
Water Filled Flood Barriers
First developed by founder and director Simon Phelps from a passion to make a real difference to anyone experiencing the pain of flood damage, Fluvial Innovations’ patented barriers and diverters offer a robust yet elegant alternative that solves these challenges.

In 2018 Her Majesty The Queen selected Fluvial Innovations Ltd as winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation. The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is known globally as a mark of excellence. It is the highest official UK award for British companies.

Fluvial Innovations, About Us

Solutions to suit every environment

Fluvial Innovations’ principal solutions span the award-winning Floodstop, FloodFence and FloodBlock™ ranges. These modular barriers actually fill with the rising waters in the event of a flood to prevent the spread of floodwater into designated areas.

Each range offers flood barrier solutions in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials to suit every environment, including: 

  • Easy-to-assemble floodstop barriers can be deployed quickly to protect any opening or area from rising floodwater, with no bolting or fixing required.

  • Divert flowing water away from an area with the FloodFence Water Diverter, a lightweight solution that, like the floodstop barriers, can be deployed rapidly.

  • Protect your property’s entrance points with a door flood barrier, customisable to your door’s dimensions and pressure fit — no fixings required. 

  • A garage flood barrier provides the same level of protection for wider openings such as garages or areas where you might have roller shutters installed. 

  • Aquastop modular offers the widest level of protection, for example workshop entrances. This system is made of modular planks and requires pre-fixed brackets.

 Click here to watch a demonstration of the flood defence barrier, FloodStop.

Floodstop saving properties

Protecting more than your people

The strongest business case for these types of solutions is their health and safety applications. As well as the physical health effects of a flood, such as drowning or injury, flooding increases the risk of infectious disease. Floodwater that has been allowed to sit can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, themselves disease carriers. Land can become unstable, increasing the risk of subsidence, and floods can lead to electrical injuries, both during the incident and in the period of time afterwards. 

But the applications for flood barriers extend beyond health and safety concerns:

  • A flood can significantly disrupt your operations, leading to increased downtime, equipment damage, and missed targets. 

  • Damaged stock will need to be written off and replaced.

  • Reputational damage can ensue, if your flood response is poor.

  • Costly fines can land on your doorstep if you’re found to be non-compliant with flood prevention regulations.

As well as protecting your people, effective flood management solutions such as those offered by Fluvial Innovations can save you thousands of pounds in damages.

Floodstop in action banner hotel

Rising with the tide

Product excellence is at the core of what we stand for, because to us quality means security, and on that we won’t compromise. Fluvial Innovations’ solutions aren’t just innovative; they’re groundbreaking in their approach to flood management and protection, and they will make a welcome addition to our growing portfolio of safety and security solutions.

1km of 0.9m Floodstop in 2020

From the first day that Simon conceived the technology, Fluvial Innovations has always been a business dedicated to protecting properties against the cost and misery that arises as a result of flooding. As the world we live in changes, we look forward to continuing that legacy, expanding its reach to new regions and new markets, wherever it is needed most.

To find out more about any of the products from the Floodstop, FloodFence or FloodBlock™ ranges, click the button below.