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Product Spotlight: How to Divert Devastating Flood Waters with FloodFence

With flood waters rising, every second counts. Learn all about FloodFence and how it diverts risk from your people, your premises, and the immediate environment.

Floods are not a new threat to homeowners or businesses, but they are a growing one. In the UK today, you’re more likely to get flooded than you are burgled, with annual costs for flood damage falling somewhere around £1.1 billion across England. 

40% of businesses don’t reopen after suffering a catastrophic loss of the sort flooding brings, putting emphasis on proactive measures that can be deployed quickly to prevent flood damage before it occurs. It was visions of this damage that first inspired product creator and founder of Fluvial Innovations Simon Phelps to develop his range of flood defence systems. 

“I became aware of the need for a rapidly deployable barrier after watching a TV programme recounting the Lewes & Uckfield floods of 2000. It astonished me that a large number of properties were devastated, all because the sandbags used as flood defences proved utterly ineffective. The engineer in me knew I could develop a solution that worked better.”

FloodFence is one such measure being used with particular success throughout the UK. What is FloodFence, how does it work, and why are more and more business owners, facilities managers, and local governments investing in it over other potential solutions?

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What is FloodFence?

FloodFence comes in two varieties: FloodFence Water Diverter and FloodFence Heavy Barrier. While their specifications vary, they both perform the same key function, which is to form a protective barrier that contains, controls, or diverts flood waters. 

  • FloodFence could be deployed around a specific zone or area to protect it.
  • It can be deployed as one long barrier to stop flood waters in their tracks.
  • It could be deployed strategically to divert the flow of flood water in a specific direction.

Due to its range of applications, FloodFence has use cases for any locations at risk of flooding. It exists as different sections, and each unit is lightweight enough that it’s both practical to store and quick to deploy. All this means that organisations can safely and conveniently store their FloodFence solution until such a time as it is needed.

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How does FloodFence work?

FloodFence consists of a series of ABS plastic side and corner units that fit seamlessly together. It doesn’t require any ballast to be pre-applied, making it perfect for flash flooding, and each unit incorporates a slim line base gasket allowing sealing to the ground terrain.

Once deployed, it acts as a barrier, preventing water from passing across it. Multiple units can extend across great distances to protect large sites, while smaller organisations with one or two kits could deploy them at strategic locations to protect key products or walkways.

FloodFence is most effective when used on hard-standings where it can create a tight seal.


FloodFence features

FloodFence Water Diverter

Of the two systems we offer, FloodFence Water Diverter is best suited to controlling the flow of water, for example diverting or deflecting damaging water away from a key location.

Specific use cases include minimising the disruption that comes with burst water mains and for the control of any surface water runoff.

  • Each individual FloodFence™ unit is 0.45m high and 1.0m in length.
  • When connected up to other units the effective linear length of each unit is 0.91m.
  • Made in the UK.

Learn more about FloodFence Water Diverter.

FloodFence Heavy Barrier

FloodFence Heavy Barrier improves upon existing technology and introduces a new standard in sealing and functionality. Despite its heavier specifications, it remains simple to handle and deploy in little to no time ahead of encroaching flood waters. This system is ideal for retaining water in a reservoir deployment.

Additionally, this system has applications that include assisting firefighters in dealing with EV fires. The easy-to-deploy barrier can be assembled to form a bund around a vehicle, which can then be filled with water. As the water rises, the electric vehicle’s battery is submerged.

  • It’s possible to supply different height options for FloodFence Heavy Barrier.
  • Manufactured from galvanised steel.
  • Made in the UK.

Learn more about FloodFence Heavy Barrier.

While FloodFence is designed to be a reusable and robust solution for controlling and diverting floodwaters, occasional damages may necessitate the replacement of certain parts. As with any safety solution, regular maintenance and periodic replacement of damaged components ensure the continued effectiveness of this protective measure.


How to divert flood water and keep your company safe

The growing threat posed by flooding requires innovative solutions on which businesses can depend to protect their people, their premises, and the immediate environment.

“Fluvial Innovations has been working and supplying technology in the flood defence industry for over 10 years,” Simon explains. “In that time, we’ve supplied many miles of flood barriers to hundreds of customers around the world, from Europe and Asia to the Americas.”

The good news is, you’re unlikely to need quite that much. Even a short length of units can provide you with the barrier you need to quickly protect a walkway, an opening, or a vulnerable space in your site’s defences from the devastating advance of a flash flood.

In 2018 Her Majesty The Queen selected Fluvial Innovations Ltd as winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation, the highest official UK award for British companies. Innovation being a principle close to our hearts here at Emtez, we couldn’t be more excited to offer these forward-thinking systems to all our customers, wherever the water’s rising.

For more information about FloodFence or any of our flood management products, click the image below to get in touch.