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Made in Spain: Emtez Unlocks Regional Steel Manufacturing

In December 2023, something happened on the Spanish manufacturing scene that had not happened before. 

For the first time, Emtez Iberica was able to manufacture the high-specification steel containers required for its cutting-edge steel safety and storage solutions in-house, on-site, in Spain.


The decision to relocate Emtez Iberica to a newly developed site with steel manufacturing lines earlier this year has greatly enhanced its technical production capabilities, unlocking new functionality far above what the business was able to manufacture in Spain previously. 25

Why was the decision made to expand Emtez Iberica in this direction? Which products have been unlocked by the new facility’s steel capabilities, and how are manufacturers across the country benefiting from the ability to buy safety and security solutions made here in Spain?

So what are the hazards involved and how can you counter them? Read on to find out more.

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Fortifying its operations, one custom container at a time

To date, the custom units designed and taken to market by the team at Emtez Iberica are among the most advanced, complex, and effective delivered by the group. Each and every container has been engineered to solve the customers’ most pressing safety and security challenges when no other out-of-the-box solutions available on the market today could.


Much of this work was carried out at its manufacturing facility — but not all of it. Crucially, Emtez Iberica lacked the ability to manufacture the steel units that form the base frame, relying on another Emtez site in France (previously know as, Delahaye Industries), to produce and supply these.12

On analysis, equipping itself with the manufacturing capabilities to remove this leg of the supply chain would offer several benefits to its Spanish customers and the wider region.

  • A shorter supply chain reduces costs.
  • In today’s world, it also reduces risk.
  • Locally produced steel keeps lead times low.

As well as less logistical risk and improved cost-effectiveness, a shorter supply chain is better for the world around us, reducing emissions, packaging, congestion, and helping everyone across the supply chain to run cleaner, safer, more sustainable operations. 

“These types of markets are very price-sensitive. Now, Emtez Iberica is able to deliver its solutions in a more cost-effective way. The entire production process can be carried out in one place.” Group Programme Director, Emtez


Custom steel solutions to new and emerging challenges


Safety solutions designed for Cidaut

Spain’s Foundation for Transport and Energy Research and Development, Cidaut, plays a key role in the country’s research into electric vehicle (EV) technology. Part of this research involves crash-testing EVs to understand the risks involved and the safety measures that must be put in place to ensure electric and hybrid cars are safe for the public to drive. 


But these tests come with their own risks. Notably, a compromised EV battery can catch fire or explode, putting the research team itself in danger every time a crash is simulated. Having previously worked with Emtez Iberica to develop specialist quarantine solutions, Cidaut turned to them once again, this time to develop a secure container in which an unstable EV battery can be safely transported post-test to a treatment plant for processing and recycling.


For the full story, read the case study.

Bespoke safety and storage containers for a luxury car brand

Car manufacturers around the world are investing billions of pounds in EV technology’s direction. Aware of the operational risks surrounding EV batteries, one luxury car manufacturer contacted us to find out how it could plot its own course to EV safely and securely without endangering its people, putting its assets at risk, or damaging its reputation.

The manufacturer recognised the need for a unique solution that would be able to meet its requirements, which in turn meant finding a solutions provider with deep Li-ion expertise and a commitment to excellence that mirrored its own. An existing customer of our standard units, its team reached out to Emtez Iberica to discuss their bespoke capabilities.

For the full story, read the case study.

Protecting a leading automotive manufacturer’s reputation

Another European car manufacturer, one with a reputation for being at the forefront of the development of EVs, recognised the limitations this risk was imposing on EV production. Specifically, it needed solutions for the safe storage of multiple types of Li-ion batteries, in all manner of different conditions, to reduce that risk and maintain its market-leading position.

Emtez Iberica was the only manufacturer on the market capable of developing safe Li-ion battery storage solutions that met its specific requirements.

For the full story, read the case (1)

In each case, Emtez Iberica was reliant on Emtez France to manufacture the base container to which its advanced safety and security systems would be retrofitted on delivery of the unit to Spain. With reduced reliance on external suppliers and enhanced manufacturing capabilities, Emtez Iberica now stands as a formidable competitor in the market, poised to deliver unparalleled value to its customers without compromising on the quality for which it has become known.

“Historically, Emtez France has always delivered a high-quality product. We needed to maintain that when bringing the steel manufacturing in-house to Spain. We achieved it through our attention to detail in the process design, in the quality of the equipment installed, and through the people we’ve hired at every level.” Group Programme Director, Emtez

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Strengthening Spanish manufacturing

Emtez Iberica's strategic decision to upgrade its manufacturing capabilities in Spain represents a significant milestone in the local industrial landscape but also for its communities. 

“All our equipment came from Spain,” the group programme director added. “And we used local companies throughout the project to develop and fit the new site. Even when those companies operated globally, we went through Spain to access them.”22

Looked at this way, the new steel manufacturing capabilities represent more than just a “made in Spain” concept, but one made by Spain. All of it, from the site Emtez Iberica is operating today to the steel in its containers. Bringing steel container production on-site has not only enhanced its competitiveness and reduced costs but also bolstered local economies and helped to support the industry’s continued drive towards sustainability.11

Because our mission to create a cleaner, safer future for everyone speaks to the need to support those people and their communities as much as it does the quality of our solutions. Through its new ability to manufacture steel on-site, Emtez Iberica has strengthened both. 

For more information about the new facilities, or to place an enquiry with Emtez, click the button below and get in touch today.