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Showing Up, Standing Up, and Stepping Up: One Emtez Group


What are the values underpinning our service approach, why do they guide our group behaviours, and how do they help you to keep your operations safe?

In the occupational safety space, prevention goes hand-in-hand with product. Whether specialist absorbent or custom-built storage unit, our protective measures form the first line of defence when a health and safety incident occurs. But to all of us here at Emtez Group, the service standards by which we deliver them are no less important.

For the last 35 years, it is the project leads unpicking what your business needs, the engineers developing your concept sketches, the technicians testing and installing your products, and so many other experts across the supply chain who have kept our customers safe as much as it is the spill control and containment products we continue to offer.

What do all these people from every corner of our business have in common, and how does the way we work impact our ability to protect what matters most to our customers?

Showing up for our customers, our partners and ourselves

To us, safety isn’t just about mitigating immediate risk. It’s about creating a safer, cleaner world for tomorrow. To this aim, we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our people and customers based on strong foundations. Trust is integral to this. When we prioritise the integrity of our services, we demonstrate our commitment to delivering reliable, effective solutions that protect your workplace now and while helping all of us to create a better future.

Examples of how we deliver this in practice include, but are not limited to:

  • challenging our customers when working on a custom build project together to deliver a solution that truly meets their operational needs
  • making it simple and hassle-free to place repeat orders for absorbents and other consumables
  • acting on customer feedback, for example the development and launch of a new manufacturing facility, Emtez Iberica, to better serve the Spanish region with locally manufactured products

Standing up when we make a commitment to ourselves or our customers

Trust goes hand-in-hand with accountability. For us, this isn’t just a matter of meeting legal requirements, although this is certainly a key part of it. It is also a moral and ethical responsibility towards the well-being of our people, our customers, and the environment. 

By demonstrating accountability, we evidence that our products are designed and manufactured to the highest safety standards. Internally, this promotes a sense of purpose within the group, a shared responsibility. This helps build trust with, and confidence from, our customers who know they can rely on these products to provide the necessary protection. 

Examples of how we deliver this in practice include, but are not limited to:

  • setting realistic, achievable project timelines and striving to stick to them
  • holding up our hands and taking ownership in the unlikely event that we miss a deadline or commitment
  • partnering with third parties on which we can depend to share and uphold our values

Stepping up our standards to exceed our customers’ expectations

Our focus on accountability also informs our culture of continuous improvement, through which we constantly evaluate and enhance our products to keep up with evolving safety standards, industry best practices, and the changing world around us. The same is true of our training, promoting personal development across the group and unlocking new skills. 

With every product made or service delivered we set out to exceed our customers’ expectations because quality means security and on that we won’t compromise.

Examples of how we deliver this in practice include, but are not limited to:

  • ensuring all our products and the services by which we deliver them comply with the relevant industry standards and any standards expected by the individual customer 
  • continually improving our occupational health and safety credentials to include ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and better protect the world we live in
  • continually investing in our people through training and R&D (research and development) initiatives that meet the changing needs of our customers

Coming together to make tomorrow’s world safer and cleaner

As a manufacturer responsible for providing solutions that ensure the safety of individuals in the workplace, the integrity of our services is paramount because the way we work directly impacts the well-being of your people and your operations’ impact on the environment. 

The responsibility we feel around this has never been greater. Key to acting on it is showing up every day and putting our heads together to deliver the solutions that will protect our customers and the environment. Only by working as one group can we fulfil our vision.

We do this because as leaders in our industry, we feel passionate about, and responsible for, creating a cleaner, safer future for everyone. To show up for your people, stand up for your responsibilities, and step up your operations, get in touch with our expert team today.

To talk to our team about your spill control and containment requirements, get in touch today.