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Make Tomorrow’s World Safer and Cleaner with Emtez

Spill control and containment specialist Emtez offers a range of innovative safety and storage solutions with which you can make tomorrow’s world safer and cleaner.

We are Emtez Group, formerly Empteezy and Delahaye Industries, an internationally recognised leader with 35 years of experience in the manufacture of industrial safety and storage solutions that eradicate risk to people, products, and your local environment.

Secure your operations through standard or bespoke containment units with lead times that mean we’re always there when you need us. Choose from a wide range of absorbents, PPE, and other consumables to keep your site stocked. In your search for the highest quality, industry-compliant solutions delivered on time, every time, you won’t find a better supplier.

How are we able to commit to these guarantees and why is it more important than ever that industries involved with the handling of hazardous substances future-proof their operations?

Leading the development into tomorrow’s safety solutions

To guarantee products that meet tomorrow’s safety concerns, we invest heavily into research and development (R&D) across the group. The collective expertise of our specialists across steel manufacturing, plastic mouldings, absorbent production, and lithium-ion batteries ensures we’re constantly pushing ourselves to create safer, more effective products. 

Most recently, you can see this in our growing range of bespoke lithium-ion battery storage solutions, developed on a customer-by-customer basis to solve specific challenges for clients ranging from luxury car manufacturers to Europe’s biggest names in automotive.

Pioneering partners and acquisitions

To a similar end, we partner with or acquire exciting products from across the market where potential exists for the existing range to be further developed or expanded. Our new flood management solutions are one example of this, opening up new opportunities for our customers to protect their operations against the rising tide without engaging new suppliers.

Alongside our commitment to R&D, these investments not only enhance the quality and effectiveness of our safety and containment solutions but also our portfolio, guaranteeing you a broad selection of products for out-of-the-box protection or customisation as required.

Local materials, local production

Crucial to the effectiveness of any prevention strategy is timely implementation. You must be able to guarantee delivery or installation of the protective measures before an incident happens. In this space, the lead and response times upheld by manufacturers or suppliers of spill control and containment solutions aren’t a nice-to-have; every hour that passes you by in which you’re unprotected is a beat by which you can measure the risk of exposure.

To guarantee competitive lead times that ensure we don’t let you or your customers down, we maintain manufacturing operations in six countries across Europe. Most recently, the Emtez Iberica facility has expanded our operations within Spain and the surrounding areas. In all cases, our commitment to locally sourced materials and regional production keeps our supply chains short, helping your products to reach you in the quickest possible times. It also reduces the environmental impact of our operations, driving a greener supply chain for you.

Working for the environment

The impact of many hazardous substances on the environment further highlights the value of spill control and containment solutions. Contamination to soil or water supplies is much easier to prevent than it is to reverse. At a time when the climate is in crisis, it is vital that businesses plan effective safety measures in advance.

Because the environment is at the heart of everything we do, every product created is done so via our lifecycle analysis programme. This begins with the efficient sourcing of raw materials, environmental considerations throughout the manufacturing process, and recycling waste product. Crucially, we deploy strict measures to avoid the contamination of local land or aquatic environments. All staff are trained in handling spills should they occur.

Find out more about our sustainability initiatives and what the environment means to us.

Start making tomorrow’s world safer and cleaner today

As the industry has advanced, and the safety solutions we offer with it, so has our brand. But while our name has changed, our commitment to creating a cleaner, safer future hasn’t.

Every industry associated with the handling of hazardous substances has a key part to play in shaping the world of tomorrow. By upholding our service commitments, and ensuring every solution we manufacture or supply adheres to the highest European standards regarding safety, quality, compliance, and sustainability, we aim to support your own initiatives in these areas. Because safety doesn’t just mean protecting what’s inside the box. 

With a front-row seat to the risks posed by hazardous substances to people, premises, and the environment, we’re committed to helping you protect what’s on the outside, too.

To talk to our team about your spill control and containment requirements, get in touch today.