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Solution to your containment needs when a standard spill pallet is impractical


Emtez Collapsible Bunds are unique bunds for storage of drums, IBCs, plant, machinery or even vehicles.


Our PVC Ezybund portable bunds are easy to store and transport, quick to assemble and are compatible with hydrocarbons and a wide range of chemicals (compatibility information available upon request). These portable bunds are the ideal solution to your containment needs when a standard spill pallet is impractical.

The lightweight and flexible but highly durable materials mean that the bunds can be easily reused, cleaned, stored and transported. No tools required. Easy and quick to load and unload.


  • Ground mat underlay to increase longevity on rough surfaces
  • Sacrificial liners to increase longevity or minimize damage from exposure to spill contents
  • Carry bag for easy storage and lifting (EB0 – EB5)

As a manufacturer, we can custom build to accommodate your specific requirements

Buy with Confidence

Emtez has over 37 years’ experience designing and manufacturing quality products. We are an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 accredited company as well as having memberships with the British Safety Industry Federation and Scottish Engineering.

For more information on Ezybund Collapsible Bunds please visit our website or contact us today.